Friday, January 6, 2012


Woke to another warm, sunny January morning. After chores and breakfast I got back to my morning walks.
The clear blue sky was a stark contrast to the empty brown branches of the trees.

Even with the temperatures in the 50's,  the pond is still frozen over .

Snowball and Louie are enjoying the warm sunshine this morning.

As I walked I enjoyed the warmth and the quietness of the morning interupted only by the songs of the birds that spied on me from their hiding places as I walked along .

God's creations are so wonderful when I take time to notice, ahhhh, this is what these morning walks are good for, reminders of how wonderful God's love is !
I hated to stop walking today but duty called and I needed to check on Flash.
I found him acting like his old self ,wrestling with Annie and running around. I did get a quick look in his mouth and could not see anything but a small red bump under his tongue where the absess had been. So thankful he has dodged surgery at least for now. Hubbie picked up his antibiotic pills this afternoon and he will start them tomorrow.
I came home and got my baking started. I baked 18 layers, 1 pound and 1 wine cake before lunch.
I still had all the Christmas rugs on the floors so after lunch I vaccumed and put away all those. Replacing them with the old ones which hopefully I can replace soon.
I watered all the inside plants this afternoon and moved a couple things around in the living room. I still haven't gotten all the stuff back on the shelves but next week is another week !!
I checked out the estate sale I always go to but didn't find anything.
I also got my garden shed cleaned out and all Christmas is now put away.
Whew !! I got all my to do list complete for today,yea !!
Tonight I iced 6 caramel,2 coconut and 1 chocolate cake ,wrapped and labeled everything for market tomorrow.
I am wondering how market will be on this warm ,sunny Saturday.
Thankful for God's blessings today and the beautiful world He created for our enjoyment.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

I envy your energy and your accomplishments.