Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today has been one of those days for me that leaves me scratching my head about things.
Before the alarm sounded this morning I was up feeling like I had an upset stomach. I turned off the alarm in hopes that a little more sleep would help. When I awoke about an hour later my stomach was fine but that shoulder muscle that has been giving me trouble had decided to declare war on me. I couldn't even get a deep breath it was so painful.
I dragged myself through chores and ate breakfast before getting out the heating pad for awhile.
About 30 minutes of intense heat helped enough that I went walking on this nice sunny but cool day. The 35 degree temperature is normal for us in January.
I came back inside and cleaned a little more in the kitchen without any climbing and reaching !
After lunch I went into town to run weekly errands and make an Avon delivery to a friend of mine. We had a nice visit but my shoulder began throbbing again so I headed home and back to the heating pad.
I did chores and watched another beautiful sunset this evening.

Another front is moving through the area creating clouds and color.
To top the day off as I watched the news tonight my stomach ache flared up again out of the blue and I felt I was really going to get sick. With no supper and a couple hours flat on my back the sickness went away again. I have no idea what is going on with that ????
I've had a really layed back evening of watching b-ball games, first Duke/ Wake which Duke won handily and then UNC/ Virginia Tech which UNC won pretty handily also. At least something went right today.
My shoulder feels a little better tonight and I'm shortly going to give it a good soak in a hot tub.
But first I wanted to get some decade pictures on here.
I found nothing in January of 1962 but January of 1972 was a sad month with the death of my mom's closest Sister. My Aunt Gertie Mae had a stroke right after Christmas and died on Dec. 30 and was buried on January 1,1972.
She was a good aunt but tried to mother me some of the time with advice about boys. She always wanted a daughter of her own but had 2 boys. Our 2 families always got together at one or the other's house every Sunday afternoon so I felt like I had 2 mothers.She was a chain smoker and always had a cigarette balanced on her lower lip which I never figured out why it didn't fall out.

Back in those days everyone sent flowers.
One of my other cousins made a tribute to aunt Gertie Mae who was an avid quilter.

The little poem on this collage tells of the love she had for all.
RIP Aunt Gertie and know that you were loved and I still miss you even after 40 years !

The other main thing in my life in January 1972 was basketball. This was my senior year, I was captain of the team and a fairly good player. This is a newspaper clipping of me and some of the other stand out players that season.

God is good all the time and I'm glad I can leave all my troubles with Him and go to bed and dream sweet dreams.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about your stomach problem and shoulder problem. Hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day for you, Marilyn.

Nice tribute to Aunt Gertie Mae. Glad they don't do flowers as much anymore. I know when George's Mom died in June, we asked for donations to be given to their church. Flowers are pretty but very expensive and they don't last...

Neat quilt tribute...