Thursday, January 5, 2012


Life is never boring for me it seems,but I love it (most of the time) anyway.
Just as my alarm was ending this morning my cell phone rang. Anytime I see #2 son's name on my phone I get nervous,he's not one for phone calls or to ask for help. Such was the case last winter when he layed very sick for days before he broke down and called us. Anyway when his name appeared I took a deep breath. He didn't sound quite right as he calmly asked what my plans were for today. He asked if I would check on his dog Flash.

This is #2 son's baby and he is a truly pampered dog. This morning when he went to let him outside he found a lot of blood on the floor and on Flash. He said he looked everywhere trying to figure out where it was coming from and found it was coming from his mouth but he wasn't really throwing up.The blood was just streaming out in his salava. He said he was already 45 minutes late for work and for me to call him if I couldn't find what was wrong.
I hurried through chores and headed to son's house. Flash met me at the gate just like normal and didn't seem sickly but still had a thick stream of blood coming from his mouth. As I looked into his mouth the smell of the drainage almost made me sick. I saw a large swelling under one side of his tongue,so much that his tongue was pushed out the other side of his mouth.
I came back to the house and called the vet. Then loaded up Flash and headed to the their office. I really appreciate my vet because anytime you call with an emergency they say come ASAP.
They took Flash straight back and the doctor was there imediately. The diagnosis didn't take long. He has a clogged salavery gland and it has gotten infected and absessed,hence the vile smelling drainage.
The absess had burst or maybe been biten as it got between his teeth but that was a good thing because at least they didn't have to lance it surgerically. He gave Flash a shot of antibiotics and another of  cortizone to improve his appetite and make him drink water,although until this swelling goes down I don't know how he will do either. If the absess doesn't go down by tomorrow afternoon they will have to operate and remove the infected gland. He had a fever of 103 so he wasn't feeling to well when we left after all the poking and prodding.
As soon as I dropped him off at home he tried to get a drink of water but couldn't lick with his tongue in the side of his mouth. He just went into his bed on his heated pad and went to sleep which is probably the best thing he could do.
I came home and ate lunch,then got ready to run some errands in town. I checked on Flash on the way out and he seemed to be feeling better already.
I ran all my errands and picked up baking supplies along with a few groceries. I got things put away at home just in time for hubbie to come home from work and say we needed to go pick up daughter's jeep at the shop because she was working late as gym supervisor tonight.
Her jeep has been leaking antifreeze and it had some small part that was loose,it only cost $25 to have it fixed.
I left hubbie there to pay and pick it up and headed home to quickly do chores before dark. It is amazing how fast the daylight length is getting longer. I was able to get everything done and the chickens all shut up before it got really dark.
Today has been a really nice sunny 50 degree day. It has felt good to be without a big bundlesom coat.
Up date on #1 son, his neck is still swollen and red but he says it is a little better today and hasn't hurt  as bad and he can turn his head a little today without turning his whole body. Maybe this is the start of his healing,I pray so. Thank all of my blogger friends for the prayers. I know for sure prayer works !!
Checked on Flash and #2 son tonight and Flash was eating a can of dog food and the blood stream has stopped.When I looked at the absess it is significantly smaller so maybe he will avoid the surgery.
Tonight I am wondering what tomorrow will bring ?  2012 so far has been an interesting year for our family.
Grateful to God for the strength He gives me each day along with His gracious blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH My Gosh... Your life is never dull, is it??? Poor Flash.. Hope he is better tomorrow and won't have to have the surgery...

You and your hubby are truly the nicest parents to your adult kids than anyone I know.... Those kids are SO lucky..