Monday, January 16, 2012


G-son was here early this morning. School is closed today for Martin Luther King Day so he was happily enjoying the waffles,chocolate milk and Sesame Street show when I got back in from doing chores. It is a cold 33 degrees with all the clouds.
Hubbie and I made shopping list for Sam's and Ingles and went out for an early lunch then shopped. G-son was ill tempered from watching a movie last night and getting in bed late so we thought he might take a nap while we drove up to have a look at the logging operation on my cousin's mountain property.
This 100 acre piece of land is the last in the large tract that was my dad's family's home place. My cousin lives in Virginia and so do all her kids so she decided to have the mountain property logged and then sell it. I will hate to see it leave our family but she is quite a bit older than me and can't make the trip down here like she used to do to keep up with the property.
The land incompasses virtually the entire side and top of this mountain, there are some very steep solid rock cliffs on part of it. My dad made a logging road into it years ago before he died but it grew up when no one else had access to the land.
The logging company cut this huge road into their loading landing about 1/2 way up the side of the mountain.

The tractor trailers that carry the logs out have been passing on the road by our house and I have seen some huge logs go out of here.

This machine was working piling logs to wait for the trucks return. We couldn't see anything else working, but the dense forest of laurels and smaller trees is so thick it was impossible to see through it.

I wonder if they are only cutting the bigger trees or if they are going to clear cut the whole mountain ?
I couldn't believe it still looked like this after all the loads of logs that have passed down the road.

G-son didn't take a nap only complained all the way home because we took the long way home !!
It is still 43 degrees at 1:30 when we got home so hubbie decided to postpone his outside work and I decided to work in the kitchen instead of the unheated sunroom.
I went through all my cabinets and threw out a bunch of out dated things. I need to stay more organized so the oldest items get used first. It's all organized nicely now so we'll see how long they stay that way.
In this cabinet is our main foods, soups, veges, meats,pasta,etc.

This one holds our drinks, teas, coffees, hot cocoas, dessert mixes and fruits.

And in this one I put all our snacks, crackers and breakfast foods in.

And lastly if there is a spice ,an herb or a flavoring I don't have in this baby I don't need it !!!!

Not to mention another spice rotating rack I have beside the stove top full of spices !!
This was an afternoon's work with 2 Avon boxes of throw aways.
#1 son came after g-son a little early today as he finished work early today.
It is still a cloudy cool day at evening chore time.  When I got back inside I snuggled up with my 4-legged kids and got warm while I watched the news.
Another crazy turn in our winter weather will come next week when it gets in the mid 60's for several days. Son said the apple farmers he works with are all getting concerned with all the warm temperatures and still 2 months of winter to go !!
I know the warm temperatures just make a day like today that would be a normally feeling winter day feel exceptionally cold so I'm sure the trees and plants are confused.
The air outside today felt like it was going to snow but that's not in the forecast for our area.
After a salad supper hubbie and I spent 30 minutes exercising before relaxing for the evening.

 With the continued craziness of the weather it is still 41 degrees at midnight.
I'm glad God is in control and knows the whys of everything that happens. I will trust Him with it !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, OH--seeing them tear up those trees and that land just makes me sick at my stomach. I cannot understand anyone doing that---but I understand that you have no control over it... SO SAD... Bet you cried... I would have.

Hope your grandson isn't getting sick. He is seldom grumpy... Like you said, maybe he just needed some sleep.