Thursday, January 12, 2012


WOW !!!What a difference this morning !! I loved my walk today except for the fact that I still couldn't go into the very muddy wet bottom pasture as I usually do. But staying on the driveway and the grassy paths around the garden and greenhouse was a nice way to start this gorgeous ,warm morning.
I finished getting everything I needed to do in town lined up this morning and after lunch I was off to run errands and take care of some tax listings at the courthouse along with delivering a cake order.
I had time to do some shopping for new living room rugs and found what I wanted at K-mart for alot less than 1/2 the price I looked at some on line for.
By the time I got to Walmart which was my last stop the beautiful blue skies were history and the dark clouds were back again with drizzly rain. The sky was so dark it was scary after what happened yesterday so I was glad to get home safely.
The storm that hit the town just east of here yesterday afternoon was officially declared a class 2 tornado with 115 mph winds. These pictures tell what that kind of wind can do.

They are still assessing the amount of damaged homes.

We are praying for our neighbors as they pick up the pieces and start over.

This was a history making event as it was the first ever tornado in January. Rutherford county has only been hit with 6 tornadoes in it's history and they were all between May and October.

This is proof that these mountains are not free from a tornadoes major damage.
Tonight we are experiencing very high winds here and blowing snow, it is 29 degrees at 11:30 and the snow showers are supposed to continue throughout the night.
After exercising tonight I watched a Duke/ Virginia b-ball game on TV, Duke won.
Yesterday I had time to go through pictures for some January Decade pictures.
January was the month my family actually really began as on January 2nd  1952 my dad and mom said their wedding vows.

This is the wedding party from your left ,my dad's oldest brother Jay, my dad and mom, my mom's sister Hattie and her husband Anderson, (doing the pointing) . The photographer in this picture was Jay's wife Bertha and in the picture below Hattie is the photographer and the shorty is my Aunt Bertha.

Here is another photo I found marked January 1952. This is my dad on your right with his sister Hattie and her family.

That old Oldsmobile was our car until I was in my early teen years, ha ,how I wish I still had that car !
Dad worked for GM for several years in the Cadillac department and back then he said the Oldsmobile was the testing ground for the more expensive Caddy.
I remember both my Aunt Hattie's and know that both of them were beautiful,loving ladies.
I am sitting here typing hoping the wind doesn't blow down the power lines before I finish this so I'm saying a quick good bye tonight.
May God bless us all through this crazy weather.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, We had tons of rain again today.. Seems like it has rained for a week!!!!!

This afternoon, the temperatures dropped drastically and we had heavy winds... THEN --the snows came. We have about -12 inches and it's still coming down a little... Don't know what we'll find in the morning...

VERY cold here now -- 22 degrees at 11 p.m (Central time).... Brrrrrr...

Hope you make it through tomorrow with no problems. Be careful if you have to go out.