Monday, January 9, 2012


Yuck, another dreary foggy,rainy morning. I did the chores and the chickens weren't eager to come out of their nice warm,dry houses. I don't blame them I wasn't either !!
G-son came early this morning and hubbie took him to pre-school.
When he got back he went to work on some wood that needed stacking and I was determined to get the stuff back on all my shelves today. I always take this opportunity to wash and dust all these things before putting them back out so that is what takes so long to get it done.
I put in an Avon order this morning as well then got ready to go pick up g-son at 11:40.
They were outside which surprised us as it is misting rain again .
After we got him we stopped by Jiffy Lube to get the van inspected while there wasn't a long line of cars.
They really do a good job of looking over vehicles for inspection. This makes hubbie mad because he thinks they are just trying to find something wrong to make more money on. This is probably true but when he came up to me and said you are good it's only $30 I knew for sure there was nothing wrong with my van.
We went to Sam's for lunch and shopping, then to Walmart and Ingles  plus a stop at sis-in-laws to pick up some things before heading home at almost 3:00. It was a good way to spend a yucky day, it has been 50 degrees but the rains have gotten harder as the day goes on.
D-in-love called and said she was going to work at her dad's office for a while but g-son didn't want to go so he stayed and played here until his dad got off work at 6:00.
I finished getting all the stuff cleaned and arranged on the shelves and even got some cleaning done in my office.
After slogging through chores this evening the rain starting to really come down  I poured another 1/4 inch out of the rain gauge. Hubbie shut the gate on the cows just in case and they are saying we could have some flooding Wednesday with another rain system that is coming through.
Hubbie and I had a salad supper before doing our exercises tonight. I wasn't sore at all today but when I got back on the equipment tonight I noticed some sore muscles !
Relaxed the rest of the evening and prayed for all the folks who are out on the roads tonight in this pea soup thick fog.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good !!!
Good night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

Love the last statement...God is good, that is for sure. You are getting rain and we are having the strangest winter, no was 50' again today! You always have such busy days! ;D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We had rain off and on for a couple of days --but not too much. We had mostly drizzle. I think all of the heavy rains went south and east of us.. That is why you got it!!!!

Today, other than being foggy, it looks pretty nice. However, they say that cold weather and some flurries may be here by Thursday night... Crazy weather!!!!

Love your fog picture.