Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Got an early wake up nudge from Dolly this morning as she needed to potty earlier than usual. I was afraid she might be sick but she has had no other signs so she just needed to go a little early I guess.
After chores and breakfast I took my morning walk in this nice warm but very cloudy morning. This was the only blue sky I could find as I walked around the drive and garden so I could head back inside if the rain started.

I spent the morning doing laundry and housework before it was time to pick up g-son from pre-school.
By now it was misting rain so we came straight home and had lunch. He had Ramen noodles today and I had vegetable soup.
I continued my house work Tuesday while he played and watched TV. I went outside to shake out rugs and couldn't believe how warm it was under the still cloudy skies.
I finished my regular cleaning and then did the deep cleaning in my sunroom. I took all the Blue Willow dishes down off the walls and dusted them. My legs are sore tonight from climbing my little ladder over and over again but everything out there is clean.

#1 son came after g-son just before the rain started this evening. I  finished chores just before the skies opened up. Thunder and lightening again lit up the skies with the warm temperature.
Today's temperature is more than 10 degrees above normal.But look at that 1943 high for today,wow !

 And tomorrow we are going back to winter with highs only in the low 40's.

Colder, warmer, colder, warmer that has been the seesaw effect for the month of January !!
After supper and exercise tonight hubbie and I relaxed and listened to the pouring rain outside and watched the lightening streaking across the night sky.
Not a typical way to spend a January night !!??
Thankful to God tonight for His blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Crazy weather... REALLY warm one day and then very COLD the next.... We had rain today also--but nothing severe here. They had severe weather near Nashville I think...

Going down to 26 tonight and tomorrow's high is only about 37.... There will be a couple of days of cold temps and then it warms back up again... Weird!!!!

Love your Blue Willow collection. There was a restaurant in FL named the Blue Willow --and they had those plates on their walls...