Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Woke this morning to a quiet morning. No sound of rain drops on the roof !
After chores which are still a challenge because of all the slick mud and a quick bowl of cereal I wanted to squeeze a morning walk in because this may be the only day this week we don't have rain.
I decided to stay on the drive and up on the hill instead of going into the very wet bottom pasture. As I rounded the garden I couldn't help but chuckle at what a good gardening winter this has been so far.
The kale is still producing and we are thankful for the extra winter vitamins it gives us. We try to have it in a meal at least once a week.

  We also still have a few Collards still waiting to be made into a meal.

 But the strangest looking things are the herbs that are still green and growing  in the month of January.
 Like this bunch of Parsley.

And this Oregano bed that just keeps growing and growing .

This has been an extremely mild winter so far for us here in the southern Blue Ridge mountains. I keep nervously waiting for the winter shoe to drop. But all we've seen of a typical winter this year is a few days here and there of cold temperatures and a few snow flakes one time.
 This is the almanac page on the news tonight of this day's average temps and actual temps and this has been the norm for most of this winter's days.

When it does turn winter time it is going to be really hard on us and everything else as some plants are already starting to leaf out.
We are under a flood watch for tomorrow with a system of heavy rain moving in later tonight. I was just wondering how much snow that would be if we were having a winter like we've had the past couple years.
My day was spent doing laundry and house cleaning chores between picking up g-son from pre-school and keeping him happy for the afternoon. He didn't feel good so he spent the dreary day laying in the recliner watching his favorite TV shows. D-in-love started the church cleaning job today.
His dad picked him up about 5:30 and hubbie and I headed out to do the chores before the rain gets here. The sun tried all day to break through the thick clouds but had little success.
Hubbie and I continued our exercise routine tonight even though he has come down suddenly with a terrible head cold.
We watched a UNC/ Miami b-ball game tonight which UNC won with ease.
I had to change my browser over to Mozilla Firefox tonight to get my photos to upload. Now I've lost all my bookmarks and will have to redo them,grrrrrrr !!!
I hear the rain as it starts falling outside ,I hope we don't get a flood.
As I watched g-son this afternoon I thanked God for the blessing of having him close and being able to be part of his growing up years. I feel God has blessed me beyond belief and I strive each day to glorify Him in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Well---prepare yourself.. It's POURING rain here today --and has rained most of the night and morning... It's supposed to turn cold tomorrow and we may get flurries tomorrow night and Friday.

We have had that mild winter here also. Our poor roses (which are supposed to go dormant in winter) are still trying to grow.

Glad you are still enjoying some of your garden veggies...


Nezzy said...

Yep, the rain passed here and we're havin' a beautiful day but by tonight snow, ice and all the trimmin's. Tomorrow we won't make it outta the teens so batten down the hatches.

Mr. Winters on his way!

Your Greens look wonderful!

God bless ya and have a stupendous day sweetie!!! :o)