Monday, December 3, 2012


G-son was here extra early this morning since his dad is going to start bringing him now that his hours at work have changed. Hubbie got up with him so I could sleep a little longer. Usually I can't go back to sleep but today that was not a problem. I woke up at 8:30 wondering where everyone was,that's why I don't like taking meds at night especially the sleep inducing kind such as the nyquil.
When I came to my senses I remembered hubbie was going to stop and get a haircut on the way home after dropping g-son off at school. His barber is on the way to school whick makes it really handy.
I dragged myself out of bed and got the chores done and was eating breakfast when he came in.
He then left taking his truck to get it inspected while I got ready to go to Asheville to have my yearly Mammogram.
On the way across the mountain I had to stop in the road and let these two guys get across safely.

I got to the imaging center at 11:45 and walked out all finished at 12:10,that's the way I like it !!  Now I just have to wait and pray that they see nothing new on those films.

Is it really December ????!!!!!        This is the temperature as I left Asheville a little after noon.
And it got even higher this afternoon, all the way to 72 for the high today !!
After lunch I worked on Christmas decorations all afternoon,things are slowly coming together finally. I am still not up to full speed and get tired quickly but it is much better than last week.
Hubbie worked up at the barn cleaning out a place to park the new golf cart.
After I picked g-son up from school he had to have his first ride and the first thing he wanted to do was mash the gas pedal.
Then hubbie and I got a good laugh when he ran from the cart and got his play bag of golf clubs and put them in the back.
I used the cart today hauling my storage bins of decorations from the garden shed to the front porch. That sure beats hauling them two at a time with a hand truck down the hill and across the yard.
After chores and supper I rested with my 4-legged kids and caught up on some magazine reading.
No nyquil for me tonight as I will be the only one here to get g-son ready in the morning.
Grateful to God for a wonderful day and praying that His will would be that my test today would be clear.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Very warm here today also... Got up to about 70 here. I don't care for this weather in DECEMBER... I like my fire in the fireplace --and it's too warm for that. We even have some windows opened.... Goodness!!!! IF this warm weather lasts, our roses will wake up and think it's spring.... ha

Glad you are feeling better.

linda m said...

Very warm here in WI also - 62 degrees. Too warm for December. Praying for good results for you.