Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Last day of school before Christmas break. Today was a fun day and everyone wore their favorite PJ's and had snacks and hot chocolate while they watched  "The Polar Express" movie. G-son said his PJ's felt so good he wished he could wear them everyday.
After chores and breakfast I began my baking. I baked 18 caramel, 4 coconut and 2 chocolate layer cakes ,finishing just after lunch.
The phone rang all day with last minute cake orders and before the  day ended I had orders for almost everything I had baked.
I cleaned my kitchen cabinets this afternoon. When we built our house a local cabinet maker who was blind in one eye made my cabinets for the kitchen. I have cleaned and oiled them each year and I think they still look very good to be 30 years old !!

This same man made a matching china cabinet and table. I don't use the table any more because I don't need a huge table  but the china cabinet is still in use and looks good also.

I picked g-son up from school and he was proud of the ornaments he had made.
His mom has a collection started like I still have of the ornaments my kids made in school. He proudly bragged that he made these all by himself !!
His dad came after him and they went to get ready for church tonight.
After evening chores and supper I did weekly paperwork and payed bills before starting my icings.
I got all the cakes iced by 11:00.
Thankful today for the strength He gives me each day and rejoicing in this season of the birth of His son.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Granny said...

Your cabinets are beautiful. You could never buy that quality of cabinet from a store.