Friday, December 21, 2012


G-son was here at 7 again this morning for the day. I took my time getting ready to head outside to do the chores this morning hoping it would warm up a bit. Finally I bundled up and braved the cold wind. It is 32 degrees but the wind makes it feel like the single digits. Thankfully the wind died down last night but has come back up today and is supposed to really blow hard this evening.
It felt good to get all the outside animals and birds fed and get back inside for the day.
G-son was counting the layers I had baked last night.
Throughout the day I iced all 24 caramel and 3 chocolate cakes . 
Some things change but stay the the same !!!!!!!
He loved licking the caramel icing off the spatula years ago.

And still loves it today !!!
Same icing,same spatula, same big blue eyes, same boy, just bigger and older.

I stayed in the kitchen all day except for one outing to go down to the renter's house and give them a Christmas gift.
#1 son got off work early and so did hubbie so they had a nice visit before he and g-son went home.
Hubbie and I did chores early so we could go to the alumni basketball game that daughter was playing in tonight.
The odd year graduates were on one team. Daughter is 3rd from left clapping for the head girls basketball coach as she was announced.
This is the even year graduates team.
It was fun watching daughter on the court again.
Most of the ladies looked like they had a fun time.
Daughter's team won by 2 points.
G-son and a group of friends had no interest what so ever in what was going on on the basketball court.  Ain't technology grand ??!!??!!
This game was a fund raiser for a piece of equipment for the basketball teams at the high school and it was a successful night as there was a very large crowd on hand for the games.
It was nice catching up with some old friends tonight.
We left at half time in the men's game and I came home to ice 11 coconut cakes as well as get everything wrapped and labeled.
The high winds are back tonight with the scary gust that sound like they would blow trees down all around.
Thankfully we haven't lost our power yet but the lights are blinking so I pray we make it through another night of this storm. I saw a few snow flakes this morning here . The higher mountains got several inches of snow during the day with blizzard conditions.
The temperature tonight is supposed to get down in the low 20's with the chill factor near 0, brrr. Praying for all the folks and animals that are outside tonight.
With all this going on today I totally forgot that today is hubbie's and my  33rd wedding anniversary. Sorry for forgetting but I haven't heard him say anything either so I don't feel so bad.

Grateful for a blessed day in the company of g-son and thankful for the generosity of the community tonight to support our local high school.
Most of all thankful to God for the "REASON FOR THE SEASON"
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Doesn't sound like you all got any snow either. We had flurries all night long --but the winds just blew them all away. Our winds have been horrible --and only now have they finally stopped. They did a 'number' on our outside decorations... What a mess!!!!

Cold here tonight also.. Supposed to get down to 22... Brrrrrr...

Wow--that is ALOT of cakes... Guess it's just 'that' time of year when you get lots of orders...

Merry Christmas...