Saturday, December 22, 2012


Whew !!! Market was busy ,busy today. Daughter met hubbie and I there. We all stayed steadily busy all morning. Hubbie left at noon to make a stop at Wallyworld for dog food.
We didn't sell out but came very close. Daughter brought a basket of candy canes adorned with a bible verse that said "we love because He first loved us" from 1 John 4:19 , we gave them out to customers all day and once when a small boy picked up one and read the verse,he asked his mother what that meant and she explained that the "He" meant "Jesus" who loved him. I told daughter that one boy was worth all the work she put into making them as it opened the door for Jesus in his life. It was heartwarming to see the smiles light up customer's faces when we handed them one of the canes and they read the verse. Only once did someone refuse the candy cane.
After market daughter and I made our yearly shopping trip to down town. This year there was no snow or rain to hinder us,only blazing cold temperature and wind gust.
In  just the last 3 years,we've seen this very area covered in snow (2009) and smothered in fog in a constant cold rain (2011).
Today the streets were not very crowded but a couple stores we went into were crowded with shoppers as everyone does last minute gift buying.
We found some really nice gifts and I made my annual candy purchase at Mast General Store. They have really good candy and some of the old things that you can't find anywhere else so this makes it a special treat for the kids and g-son.
We braved the freezing temperatures and heavy packages and made it all the way up one side of main street and down the other before calling it a success.
As we parted ways back at our cars, she was going to sit with a friends kids while they went "Santa" shopping and I went home to do chores, make out menus for the next several days and go grocery shopping.
Hubbie went with me as we made trips to Sam's Club, Walmart and Ingles. There was one item none of these places had or were out of so we went back into town stopping at every store that was open as it was already after 9:00. By 10:00 we had exhausted all our options and still did not have any cinnamon red hots to put in some apple cider I had waiting in the frig.
I did buy some cinnamon hard candies and when we got everything put away we experimented with some of them but did not get the same results as with the red hots,hummm, what to do ???
We were both dog tired and after a nice hot bath I fell into bed.
God is so good and I'm hoping this season brings His glory into the hearts of everyone.
Good Night and God Bless.

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