Friday, December 28, 2012


Another cloudy cold morning with almost an inch of ice on the water buckets today. Hopefully the temperature will get warmer than it dad yesterday so the chickens,cows and dogs can thaw out  before the next storm hits tonight.
I baked cakes this morning in spite of the iffy weather forecast for tomorrow. I baked 6 caramel,2 chocolate,2 coconut, 2 pound and 1 wine cake with the hopes that we will get only rain in the morning.
Hubbie went over to #1 son's house to help him put down some new laminate flooring in g-son's bedroom. They are slowly replacing all the carpet in their house with laminate.
Hubbie helped him until after lunch then he came home to go with me to the Asheville farmer's market. We have eaten the entire box of poucan citrus we bought earlier and  needed another box.
We also bought more apples, some Lees fruit and sweet potatoes while we were there as this will probably be our last trip for awhile.
We also stopped at a discount shoe place just up the road and I found a really nice pair of dansko boots that were on sale.
I love Dansko shoes , I have very high arches and these shoes are made with high arched insoles so they feel really good on my feet. Most of the time I can't justify the cost of these shoes but these were on sale from $140 to $79 so I got a good deal and they last forever.
We made it home just before chore time and all the animals were glad to get extra feed tonight to help keep them warm on this nasty night.
Now the forecast is 30 degrees for us and either sleet or freezing rain, either one will make a nasty mess !
There is a winter weather alert extended down into our area.
That blob of grey among all that green is right over our area,what we will get ?? who knows ??
This is the second storm since Christmas that has crossed the country from west to east leaving much of the country with snow cover.
Hopefully my baking was not in vain today and market will be open tomorrow. Traffic will be light I'm sure but at least I can get there with the orders I have.
I iced my cakes tonight and wrapped and labeled everything getting ready to go in the morning.
I'm tired tonight and am headed for an early bedtime for a change.
Thankful for a safe trip today and praying for all who must travel tomorrow if the weather gets bad.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Warm comfortable boots just in time for winter weather.

We had lots of snow where north of us did not. We are supposed to get one to three inches tonight. Did someone forget this is Arkansas?? North Little Rock got ten inches on Christmas Day. Never before in recorded history has there been that much snow there on Christmas.

I'm just venturing a guess here but looks like another year coming with strange weather patterns.

linda m said...

Glad you got your favorite boots on sale. Not much snow here in S.E. WI but it is snowing again today. and 24 degrees outside. I will definitely have to shovel snow today. With all this weird weather going on right now I think 2013 will be another year for strange weather patterns. God's blessings.