Thursday, December 13, 2012


Woke to a ringing telephone at 6:30 this morning. It was a friend of mine asking for prayers for her brother who is having a very risky artery replacement surgery this morning beginning at 8:30. He has been in the hospital for almost a month after he developed cellulitis and blood poisoning in one of his legs. He isn't diabetic but has circulation problems in his legs and evidently lots of other places also as they are having to take three different pieces from three different places to complete the replacement in the one leg. To top this off he just recovered from radiation from prostrate cancer.  I am praying for you LK.
I walked into school with g-son,well actually walked by myself as he stayed at least ten feet behind me all the way to his classroom, to help carry a big heavy bag of donaterd icing for their ice cream cone Christmas trees they are making today. His teacher was excited to see me because she thought I was there to help ! I told her I would be there Monday to help with that day's project. After we got in the classroom he wasn't embarassed by Neena being there any more as he wanted to introduce me to all his friends.
I was a little late getting to market after Bernie,one of my 4-legged kids, went into the lower pasture with one of the bigger dogs and had to be gone after.
Traffic was very light on the way to market and the light traffic also applied to the number of customers in market today. I had a couple orders and that's about all I sold. I looked at one of my neighbors and asked if I had somehow missed Christmas and January was already here in market?????
Did have time to get to know the new folks just across the isle from me who sell dog and cat collars.

They are interesting to talk to as they have spent time in Alaska as well as several other states.
After market I ran my regular errands and headed home. I am not feeling well this afternoon,I am so tired of this cough and head stuffiness, it is finally dragging me down.
I unloaded and did chores before collapsing on the couch for a nice long rest tonight. I have cakes to ice but tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will feel better.
On a boring day such is this it is great to have my decade pictures to publish.
In December 1982 #1 son didn't know what to think of all the excitement of Christmas.
But he knew he didn't like this man dressed in red with the big beard !!!

 Our first Christmas gathering was always with hubbie's family on Christmas eve at his dad's house.
 Older cousin's Holly and Aaron were excited at their gifts.

Hubbie gives #1 son his first driving lesson as grandmother Maxine and uncle Marty look on.Maxine always made each of her sons a new flannel shirt for Christmas every year.
This was what Santa left under our little tree at home.
I think he was pleased with all the new things.

Then it was off to great grandpa and grandma's house for a Christmas lunch party.
Hobe and Ila Moore with great grandson, #1 son.
Back home for a short rest then it was off to my mom's house for my side of the family's party.
There were a lot of presents there which #1 son had his eye on.

Okay,enough with the pictures I finally get to open something  with the help of mom while cousin Mike looks on.

And later in the month that year we even had some snow to play in !!
At least he got to use those new snow boots Santa brought him !!!

Grateful to God each day as I look back on the wonderful people that made these times special for my young family through the years.
Good Night and God Bless.

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