Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The guidance counselor at g-son's school was waiting for me this morning to help get the packages for the secret santa project in the office and out of sight until she could contact the little boy's grandfather to tell him she would be bringing them to his house.
She said she couldn't wait to see his face when he saw all the packages.
I came home to a pretty normal Tuesday of chores,laundry and housework. I did a couple extra cleaning task today getting ready for this week ends family get togethers.
D-in-law called and asked if we would mind changing our family Christmas party to Christmas eve after the candle light service at church  instead of Christmas day night like we usually have it. That won't be a problem to change and I know it will make it much easier on them.
Today has been a winter feeling day with highs in the low 50's but with the wind it felt much colder even with the bright sunshine.
Got word today from my brother who lives across the hill that Flash the dog has been up at his house. He said he didn't care but that if my other brother's German Shepherd who is also a male dog ever finds him he will kill Flash so I went outside and put him in the lot. Hubbie and I are going to get a larger lot and start keeping him up when we aren't outside with him.
After I picked g-son up from school we were going to watch daughter's basketball team play but g-son didn't feel well,so we came home. I think he was just hungry because after he ate mac and cheese he felt better but it was too late to get to the game. Her JV team won their game by about 20 points but the varsity lost by about that many.
Christmas is a fun time around her as it always has been. It is my favorite time of year,people seem to just be nicer this time of year. It was a busy time back when the kids were growing up as they were involved in so many activities during the month of December. Here is a look back at December 1992.
All three kids had parts in the church Christmas play.
Daughter is in the green jumper doing her part with a friend.
#2 son (in white) and #1 son harmonize for their part.
There was a huge group of children in our church in those years.

This is our tree that year.
Christmas eve brought hubbie's family to our home to celebrate.
Christmas morning.

Looks like everyone is happy !!
Race tracks are fun for dads and sons.
Off to great grandmother's house for Christmas lunch.

Finishing up Christmas day at my mother's house with my side of the family.
#2 son, #1 son, cousin Susan and daughter anxious to open presents.
 A Christmas family portrait.
When I look at these pictures it's hard to imagine that 20 years have passed since this Christmas. However when I look in the mirror it's easier to believe !!!!
I am so thankful to God for all these joyous family Christmas's and the joy of having a loving family to share each Christmas with. I am especially grateful  that all three of my kids got to grow up enjoying the love of grandparents,great grandparents and a loving church family to go along with hubbie and I.
God is good !!!  Thank you for the gift of your Son, the Savoir of mankind.
Good Night ,God Bless and Merry Christmas !


Betsy Adams said...

I love seeing old family photos. I've been looking at some of mine this week... Such great memories!!!!! It truly is a wonderful time of year...

Merry Christmas.

linda m said...

I love the trip back in time. What wonderful memories. Merry Christmas.

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