Sunday, December 23, 2012


Up early to start a crockpot full of soup for a light lunch today after church.
Church was good today as an older man accepted Christ and came forward to be Baptized,Glory be to God !
I love the Christmas songs we sing and one of the ladies in the choir sang a song called "Labor of Love" that was a new one I had never heard, but it was a very touching song and she did a lovely job of singing it.
After church we had soup and corn bread with #1 son's family as daughter and #2 son were out with friends. Daughter found me some red hot candies at a store across town. She brought them by on her way to take the youth caroling.
Hubbie and I spent the afternoon cleaning in the kitchen and cooking for our extended family Christmas gathering tonight.
It has been a really nice day with sunshine and 50 degree temperatures.
After early chores daughter came home to help with the last minute dishes for the dinner. We fixed a brown sugar cured ham, a deep fried turkey breast, mashed potatoes,green beans,creamed corn,
dressing,deviled eggs,greek salad, fruit salad with sweet tea and some sodas to drink and pecan pie for dessert. It was all yummy and everyone ate their fill with seconds and even some thirds !!
There are 3 little boy cousins now on hubbie's side of the family and they had a blast together playing tonight.
Nephews M (blonde) is 2 years old, nephew E is 1 year old and g-son was a very good host as he played gently with both of them,realizing they were much younger than he was.
I love having the house full of excited young boys.

G-son was so excited to open his presents.
Nephew M was getting into the presents for the first time this year with mom to help get it out of the box.
 And his pawpaw (hubbie's brother) to help put it together.
Nephew E was just excited and wanted to stop opening and play with the first thing he opened as his mom shows him how to snap them together.

He was a little bashful for most of the night and got tired long before his older cousin's wore out.
This has been a wonderful evening of family fun and togetherness and a good time was had by all.
It was a very nice start to a busy 3 days for me but I love the hustle and bustle and the family and friends that gather at our house during this wonderful season.
It was strange weather tonight as the doors stayed open all evening and the air outside felt warmer than the 40 degrees the thermometer said.
Loving the season as well as the Reason for the season !!! Thanks and prayers to God for the birth of His son.
Good Night ,God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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