Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This Christmas morning started out like any other day for hubbie and I. With hungry animals to feed and water.
After we had breakfast I decide to get the weekly laundry done anyway today. No use doing any house cleaning until it's time to take down the decorations.
The weather is threatening rain any minute but the forecast says it will hold off until tonight.
Since #2 son missed last night's celebration we all met again at lunch today with him to open more presents. G-son killed time while we ate working on lego construction with his aunt T.
Finally it came time for him to unwrap this huge box that has his name on it. He has been feeling of and wanting to open this since Sunday night.
When he peeled the paper down and read the box that said cabinet it was funny to watch his face drop!
He still wasn't too sure about what might be in it even after he was assured it wasn't just a cabinet as uncle D cuts through the tape.
Ahhhh!!!  Then it was "how did you know I always wanted a bow and arrow" ??
Then it was time to help uncle D open his presents.
G-son had another good day of opening presents and was headed to other grandparents this evening to open even more. He was already showing signs of tiredness when he left here at 3:30 and acted like he might be catching a cold so hopefully the evening went well for him.
I went to the kitchen after they left to cook more to get ready for the friends and family dinner tonight.
I cooked another 8 pound ham, deviled eggs,mashed potatoes,green beans,corn and made some yeast rolls to go with just a few left overs.
We had another great night of feasting and visiting to top off this marathon Christmas this year.
It has been wonderful to have a house full of family and friends all through this season to enjoy it with.
Now the let down comes when tomorrow I realize it is truly over for another year. I always leave the decorations up through New Years and then slowly get things packed away until next November.
I got some wonderful gifts this year .
This basket full of all kinds of different delicacies from Trader Joes is gonna make my diet a challenge for a while, although most of it is healthy foods,these boxes of cookies have called my name several times today.
And this snowman set of placemats and towels will make January in my kitchen a snowman month !!
Again I will say my kids know me well as I love all my gifts and they just fit me !!

As this Christmas Day 2012 comes to an end my wish for all of you is that your Christmas was as wonderful and filled with as much love as mine was. And throughout the year I hope you let the light of Jesus shine through your life.
Good Night, Merry Christmas and God Bless.