Sunday, December 16, 2012


Well I got my wish for a rainy Sunday !  As I sloshed through chores this morning the rain was just starting to drizzle.
While sitting in church I heard the hard rain start as it was beating down so hard we could hear it inside.
Church was special today with the children bringing the message of Jesus's birth.
This is the group of older kids getting a final rehearsal in just before church starts.
This is the kindergarten and under children's choir,g-son is in the back on the left with the red shirt on.
He had a solo part and did it so well we were all very proud of him.
He also played the part of Joseph in this little skit they put on.
He (Joseph) proclaims the good news to one of the kings.
I saved the best for last as this is my favorite picture of the day, as Mary "swoons" at Joseph.
It was a very touching program and the kids did such a great job,thanks to the wonderful children's choir directors !!
Today was a fitting day for the gospel to be proclaimed by the children in the wake of the terrible tragic school shooting in Connecticut.
The names of all the victims were released today as this will go down in history as one of the most horrific events in our country.

Watching these young children today I prayed for the parents and families of these victims, not able to imagine what they are going through.
I do know that what our pastor said needs to be exercised. He said we as adults need to make sure the young people have Christ in their hearts and know they are loved. There has always been and always will be evil in the world and only God will be able to totally be victorious over it.

Daughter ate lunch with hubbie and I while #1 son's family worked on a Christmas project.   #2 son came by for a plate of left-overs after he got off work today. He said he might have to work Christmas day as well as the Sunday before.
I also worked on a Christmas gift project this afternoon while listening to the rain fall gently outside all day.
At chore time there was 1/2" in the gauge and the rain has came down steadily ever since and is supposed to continue through tomorrow.
Tonight I am so grateful to God for all the children  who proclaimed His love this morning and am still praying for the families in Connecticut.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

So wonderful encouraging the children to participate in the holidays celebration with music.

Betsy Adams said...

What a wonderful day you had... God Bless those sweet children ---in your church, and the ones who are with God now...

We had rain here all day also--but it's warm... I am hoping for some snow --but don't think we'll get any.

linda m said...

I have always loved the children's Christmas pageants - they are so innocent. Praying for all the familes in CT. God bless you.