Sunday, December 9, 2012


Church was special this morning as we lit the second advent candle,the candle of peace.
Today's service was a Christmas program put on by the choir called "The Heart of Christmas".
It contained some very touching music and narrations and I enjoyed it very much.
D-in-love is  to the far right, she's not really that short but is standing on the lower level of the floor.
The children's choir added a special song.

The church was full today and I saw many new faces.

We had a spaghetti lunch and all of the kids were here except #2 son who is working but he did stop by on his way home for a plate of left overs for his supper.
#1 son and g-son having fun this afternoon with some of my decorations.

Daughter left to take the youth girls to a friends house for a cookie baking afternoon.
This is just some of the many cookies they made which daughter will bag and they will be distributed to the home bound and elderly with their meals on wheels.
She said they had eight girls participate and they all had a great time.

Hubbie and I spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches on the outside lights and getting everything powered up. Luckily I only have to replace lights on one of my trees where half the lights aren't burning. I let it get to dark for many pictures tonight but I did manage this one of my favorite outside decoration.
I also got the tree in the sunroom decorated this afternoon  so pictures will be starting tomorrow.
With the decorating done this next week will be a catch up week on things that I've put off while decorating than I'll get to sit back and enjoy the season !!
Grateful tonight for the greatest gift of all, our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Gotta love your 2 "Santa's". Very pretty decorations especially the Nativity scene. God's blessings.