Saturday, December 1, 2012


Market was fairly busy this morning. A friend from Florida came after her cake order and she wound up trading me a golf cart for the cake order. Her father passed away several months ago and she is doing some remodeling work in his house although she still has a large farm in Florida she wants this house to be a nice get away place. She is trying to get some things out of the way and the golf cart was one of the big things that was in the way.
It is very nice and worth much more than the cake order I gave her for it so we will have some more bargaining to do in the future.
Hubbie left to find #1 son who has a dump trailer to help him go get the cart.
Daughter came in about noon from her basketball practice and I turned over most of the customer waiting on to her as I am still coughing pretty bad.
She helped me load and she went home while I had two supply stops to make. Hubbie and #1 son were just leaving when I got here to go get the golf cart. It just barely fit into the trailer.
Sadie had to get the first ride.

Thankful for the box on the back so hubbie can carry wood down the hill to the house much easier than pushing it in a wheel barrel.

After all the excitement of a new "toy" we did chores and had supper.
 The first day of December 2012 ended with a beautiful sunset after being like a late spring day with temperatures in the mid 60's with bright sunshine.

 I layed down on the couch to watch UNC/UAB basketball game and started coughing.  I tried everything I could think of to calm the cough but none seemed to work for any length of time. After the game was finished,UNC won, I decided to just go to bed so I took a really hot bath,soaking up the steam and that seemed to loosen my chest congestion. I rubbed Vicks Salve on the soles of my feet and took a dose of Nyquil and got into bed.
I don't remember coughing anymore and got a good nights sleep. I am writing this Sunday and back dating it because I could not cough and type at the same time last night!
I am thankful for a good Saturday market time and for the friendship of the special people I have met through market.
God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Congrats on the new toy, Marilyn.... Sounds like you must be feeling better a little!

I've heard of rubbing Vicks on the bottom of your feet... My Mother-in-law used to do that... I haven't had a cold in years ---so haven't needed to do it --thank goodness.

Happy Advent Sunday.