Saturday, December 15, 2012


Another fairly good market day,with several folks taking 4 and 5 cakes at a time.  The next table down neighbor who was having the artery surgery last Thursday sister was there and said he was doing fine,thank the Lord. She said he said his leg felt better than it had in a long time.
Daughter came in to help after her ball practice and helped me load before she headed out to do some Christmas shopping. I also headed out to do some shopping. My first stop was at Ace Hardware with a 50% off coupon that came in the mail yesterday. As I shopped in the gift section I smelled the different scents of several lit candles they had burning and thought nothing of it.  I found a couple things for gifts and went to the check out. She rang up my purchases and when it came time to sign the card machine I discovered to my dismay I could not see the sign line.  I signed where I thought I should and hurried to the van. That was the end of my shopping, all I needed to do was get home before my vision fissures got any worse.
You see I have migraine headaches, a weird kind, instead of the pain I see flashing squiggly lines in front of my eyes, blinding me from focusing on anything. Usually it only affects one eye so that is how I drove home. I also get tingly numb feelings in my arms or legs. Not bad enough to interfere with use ,although I have tripped before thinking my foot was lifted higher than it really was.
These episodes have several triggers and one especially is strong perfumey smells. Usually every Christmas at some point I will get one of these after shopping in certain shops that have all the Christmas candles and pouporri.
Thankfully I have finally discovered a quick cure but I need to be in a quite place. As soon as I got home I heated a headache pack in the microwave and grabbed a cold ice pack from the freezer on my way to my bedroom.
Hubbie knows when this happens just to leave me alone.
I use the hot pack first for several minutes,until it starts to cool down and then I put the ice pack on the exact same area,which is usually my right temple.  This works like magic and my vision clears and the numbness goes away.  I still feel like a truck has hit me for several hours but I can function normally.
I have had different phases of migraines since I was about eleven years old, have been checked out by doctors, neurologist,and have been in the emergency room for knock-out shots numerous times. It is hard to believe I accidently discovered this hot/cold treatment would work to give me quick relief only just about a year ago. Fortunately I don't get these migraines nearly as often as I used to and usually I can pinpoint the cause. At one time when I was much younger I had to take an extended dose of a migraine preventive drug which worked and after I stopped taking it the frequency really slacked off.
The stress of all the news and talk of the evil,senseless killings of all the kids in Connecticut I'm sure contributed also as it is still hard to imagine something so evil happening in our country.
Turns out this was a 20 year old who's mother was not a teacher at the school he went to. He killed his mother in their home before he went into the elementary school to kill 26 people, 20 of them six and seven year old children. Something needs to change in our society and I think this saying sums it up exactly.
Maybe we need to re-think some of our laws that go against our creator  instead of worrying about gun control laws !!!!
With my daughter and my husband working in the school system I pray for them and my g-son daily,that they would be safe.
Our weather is changing again, looking not so seasonable over the next week but we do need some rain.
Today was sunny and nice and the 70% chance of rain is running out of time tonight as at 11:00 it is still dry.
Maybe we'll have a nice lazy rainy Sunday afternoon !
Looking forward to worshiping my loving Savoir tomorrow in church with family and friends.
Still praying vigilantly for the families in Connecticut who lost loved ones.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear about your headache. I too suffer from migraines but mine are not as severe as yours. Stress plays a big factor in mine. The senseless shooting has me very upset and the tee-shirt on your blog says it all. The families are in my prayers. God's blessings.