Thursday, December 20, 2012


G-son was here before 7am and we got ready for market instead of school today. He was in a great mood and was really helpful in getting the van loaded.
Daughter met us at market and brought her I-pad for g-son to play games on while we waited on customers on this busy market day.

All the orders got picked up and we sold almost everything we had. G-son's other grandfather picked him up at noon to go to his guitar lessons which are usually at night but switched today since school was out.
Daughter had a busy afternoon so she left shortly after he did. She has a basketball game at 4:00 and organized a "5th quarter" pizza party for the students at our church after the ballgame tonight.
I was intending on watching her game but was slowed down in the pouring rain with my errands and supply stops and didn't make to the game.
I got soaked at every stop and it will take my van days to dry out from all the wet bags of things I put in it.
A skunk was hit and killed in the road just before my driveway and it stinks so bad it almost gagged me as I drove past,yuck !!!
Hubbie was here luckily to help me unload ,he had gotten off work a little early today when the weather stopped the job they were working on.
After chores I poured 1" of rain from the gauge, I thought their would be more as hard as the rain has been all day. The rain stopped shortly after supper and the wind started whipping around to bring in the cold temperature for tomorrow.
We are under a high wind warning tonight and tomorrow with gust up to 60mph. I hope we don't lose our power with all the cakes I have to bake and ice.
I decided to go ahead and bake all the layer cakes tonight. I baked 24 caramel ,11 coconut and 3 chocolate. I listened to daughter's teams basketball game on the radio while I worked. Her JV team won and also the varsity won so it was a really good night for her girls.
I have neglected my holiday decoration photos this year. As I spent all evening in the kitchen I love this little village on the old wood cook stove in my dining area.

The wind tonight as I sit and type this sounds scary outside as it roars and blows things around. Guess I'll be hunting my decorations after  they are blown down in these gust. The high temperature tomorrow is only supposed to be in the mid 30's ,brrrr with this wind that will be ccccccoold !!!!
Praying for a peaceful night and thanking God for a wonderful blessed day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, We've had rain and lots and lots of high winds today. The winds really messed up some of our outside decorations...

Tonight, it's getting colder and colder and we have some flurries. Not sure we'll get much snow --but I will enjoy what we get.

Stay SAFE---and stay away from that skunk. Those things really can STINK.


Gail said...

Rain, thunder, lightning, wind, flurries, wind, and today 54 degrees! That the last two days of weather here.

Merry Christmas.