Monday, December 10, 2012


When #1 son brought g-son here this morning I thought he must be very early as it was still so dark outside. I discovered that the clouds were very dark and the rain was almost here.
Hubbie took him to school while I did chores before the rain began.
After we had breakfast we took off to Asheville to check out the stove place we bought our upstairs Appalachian wood stove at over 11 years ago. We were hoping they still had the scratch and dent warehouse we saw before.
Unfortunately the warehouse was gone ,they had a small stove he will sell us for $1650 but we decided to do more research before spending that much money.
The rain started on our way over to Asheville and it rained steadily the entire morning.
We stopped back by the WNC Farmers Market and bought some holiday citris fruit. We got a box of navel ornages.
We also found some Ponkans which I love. These are in the tangerine family but are bigger and sweeter and so easy to peel.
I first tasted these year before last and when I went looking for them last year I was too early so I was glad to find them today. They look like they aren't ripe but they are soooo good.
We also found some good deals on tomatoes, apples and nuts to satisfy our needs for the season.
We made it home for lunch. Sis-in-law had called earlier in the day and needed some copies of papers for her brother who is trying to get a loan to buy the in-laws old house so I spent over an hour looking up those after lunch.
We dropped the papers off at her house on our way over to daughter's this afternoon. Daughter has team pictures and practice for all 3 of her teams this evening so she asked if we would go over and let her dog out for a run while I checked her sewing machine that keeps breaking the thread.
I had the machine fixed in just a few minutes as she had missed one of the tension levers when she re-threaded it. It is hubbie's mothers old machine but it sews really well.
As we left there at almost 4:00 it was already getting dark with all the clouds and rain.
We did chores and I poured 1/2" of rain from the gauge. That was a blessing as we needed the rain badly. Now the cold temperatures behind the cold front is headed our way.
The temperature tomorrow is only supposed to be in the 40's  as you can see from the map this system is sweeping the entire country.
After supper tonight I baked 6 caramel cakes for an order I need to deliver tomorrow morning.
Today has been a dreary day , too bad I had so much to do outside in the nasty weather, as this would have been a nice day to cuddle inside and watch the rain.
On this night 7 years ago my life changed forever as I became a mother-in-law to my sweet d-in-love who married my #1 son that night.
Smiles of relief that the ceremony is over !!!
Nice life change !!

Thanking God tonight for the blessings of family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Oh how we love NAVEL Oranges.... We buy them and eat them as long as they are in season --and as long as we can get them... YUM.

Rainy here today--but we were on the road... Had to make a trip to the 'other' Hendersonville.... Tomorrow we head for the beach for a few days...

Happy Anniversary to your son and DIL.

linda m said...

We had snow flurries here yesterday. Happy Anniversary to your son and DIL. Oranges are my favorite fruit to eat.