Monday, March 21, 2016


Uhhhh, after spending 1/2 of last night trying to get rid of the severe indigestion that felt like a weight on my chest when I lay down and fighting off a panic attack because I couldn't get a deep breath I was not ready to relinquish my snooze under the warm covers at 7 am this morning at all.
This is one morning I was very glad it was hubbie's day off. I went back to bed after helping him get g-daughter settled and he snoozed on the couch for the extra hour she slept.
We were expecting Re 's kids since she worked last night so we were surprised when her kids slept in and didn't get here until 10am.
But the chores had to be done early so I fought off the urge to spend the entire morning in bed and got my day started around 8:30.
It is 29 degrees this morning and the wind is whipping making it feel like winter has returned for sure.
I had oatmeal for breakfast to keep it bland and not re-start my indigestion.
After all the kids got here they had a good morning playing together.

#2 son came by to have lunch with us. He and hubbie were planning to to get fitted for their wedding tuxs but son's truck didn't get out of the shop in time so he took hubbie's truck and went back home to work on his dog lot.
Re came after EL and BB about 1:00 to go home and get afternoon naps, leaving hubbie and I with a very tired fussy g-daughter who was winding down from her exciting morning. She finally gave in and took a couple hour nap in hubbie's lap while he caught up on his napping also !!
I did the weekly three loads of laundry and ironed a couple sewing projects I have for this week.
We have kept a fire going all day in the downstairs woodstove as the high temp did finally reach 50 degrees but the wind blew all day keeping the air very uncomfortable outside.
After d-in-love picked up g-daughter hubbie and I did chores then hubbie went to his Deacon's meeting about hiring an interim pastor.
While he was gone I caught up on some blog reading.
The freeze warning for tonight reaches all the way to Florida .
And to add to the welcoming of Spring this year another winter storm was named today as we reach the "S" for this year and Selene is packing a snowy wallop across the mid west.
As I stoked the fire tonight I wondered aloud if this might be the last fires we have this year but I know with April still to get through it probably won't be.
As this Monday ends I think tonight of Jesus on this day when he entered the Holy Temple and found it full of money changers. His anger kindled he drove all of them out into the streets.

Giving all the glory to God tonight and praying for His guidance for all who are involved with the Pastor search at our church.  Thankful for the blessings of this day and for His wonderful gift to all mankind.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

You must have been exhausted last night after that busy day with 3 children. i am right in the path of the new storm Selene - not looking forward to having to shovel snow again. Off to Bible Study this morning. Good luck with finding a new pastor for your Church. Blessings