Tuesday, March 8, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am hungry this morning as mom didn't feed her before they left home. Maybe this will be the trick to get her to take a long morning nap again.
After her bottle she went soundly to sleep for a change.
I got dressed , did the chores and had breakfast and had a nice relaxing devotional time with an extra cup of coffee,ahhhh !!!
I sat down at the sewing machine to do my daily item sewing and wound up getting a weeks worth of sewing in this one morning as things were moving along so quickly with these jean aprons. When I cut the machine off I had 5 jean aprons to show for my mornings work.

I had forgotten about having these camo jeans cut out for aprons. I think they will sell quickly. I used all this off white pre-gathered eyelet lace I had. Hopefully I can find more on a trip to the flea market soon.
With g-daughter still snoozing the morning away I cleaned the bathrooms and all the glass in the house before she woke up around 11:00.
After her bottle she played in the middle of my bed while I did some dusting.
After we had lunch I got out the big stroller and had hubbie who stopped by to have lunch with us blow all the tires up on it. She loved riding in it as much as her brother used to !!!
After one round around the circle driveway she was fast asleep. I parked her in the shade and shoveled the driveway ditches clear getting ready for the coming rain this weekend.
I was pooped and decided to take a nice break out in the sun for the first time this season. The warm sun felt so good I could have joined g-daughter in a nap very easily but refrained.
After she woke up from the dogs barking after about an hour we sat out in the outside patio and watched traffic.
D-in-love had a meeting to attend this evening so both kids came back just as their aunt T came to visit.

#1 son came by to visit awhile before he and the kids went home. We sat on the front porch and watched a game between daughter and g-son as the sun went over the horizon on another wonderful day.
The temperature got up to 73 degrees today after a chilly 33 degree morning. All the animals as well as us humans enjoyed the nice spring weather tease immensely !!!
Hubbie and I did chores and settled in for another short evening as we continue to move up our bedtime.
I got our garden seeds ordered tonight from Park seed company in SC.
Thanking God for my health and praying for His grace for many more years so I can help with all my grandkids.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

It sure sounds like a wonderful Spring day for you. We also had nice warm temps and I was able to be outside without jacket for the first time in many months. I think you may have found the secret to getting g-daughter to nap when she first arrives. I love your jean aprons; they should sell like hotcakes. Blessings