Thursday, March 10, 2016


Another gorgeous day on tap as the morning started out at 51 degrees when g-daughter arrived at 7am. She was hungry so after her bottle she went back to sleep for a couple hours today.
I did chores, had breakfast and got my sewing item done for the day. I made another jean apron from one of the trims I gathered yesterday.

I made my need to bake cake list and my grocery and supply list for today. I can get everything I need today at Adi so it will be nice to only make one stop.
G-daughter was all smiles and  caused slow shopping as she usually does with everyone stopping and talking to her in the stores. We ran into Re and the her kids in Aldi as they got their shopping done also.
We got home just in time for lunch and then g-daughter took a much needed long afternoon nap since she had only cat nap in the car since 9:30 this morning.
We took our usual stroller walk in the nice sunny 70 degree afternoon to get her off to slumber land. I moved her into her swing in the living room when we got back inside so she could sleep better.
There is starting to be some blooms around the yard with all this warm weather and sunshine.
This Plum tree has burst into bloom suddenly.
The Creeping Charlie is putting out its little dainty purple flowers.
And this is another weed / wild flower that is blooming with these tiny white flowers but I don't what it's name is.
The clouds started moving in as we came inside today and we are looking for rain over the weekend. We actually need some rain as the air has been really dry and there have been a couple wild fires.
We surely don't need the record breaking amount of rain that the folks in Louisiana are getting as over 20 inches of rain has fallen there causing major flooding that has never been seen before in some of the parishes.

Sending prayers to all these folks.
I watched some of the  ACC tournament games while g-daughter slept today. UNC beat Pitt and Notre Dame beat Duke setting up a meet between those two for tomorrow in the semi finals.
After d-in-love came after g-daughter I watched the news then did the chores.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I can't believe flowers are starting to blossom out in your area. I can't wait until ours start blooming. We are under a heavy fog this morning with frost on the roof tops. Did a little yard work yesterday, it felt good. Have a great weekend. Blessings