Tuesday, March 22, 2016


G-daughter was extra tired this morning after not sleeping good last night so she took a 2& 1/2 hour nap after she got here at 7am today.
I did chores, had breakfast, worked a crossword, I'd like to get back into doing these puzzles each morning because it seemed my mind was a bit sharper when I used to do them.
I made this cute new creation little girl apron and a medium sized bonnet to match it this morning for my sewing for the day.
I have a matching adult pair cut out ready to sew up hopefully tomorrow.
G-daughter woke up hungry and happy so after she had her bottle she settled into her entertainment saucer to play and watch some of her favorite morning TV shows while I baked cakes.
I have an order for the caterer in Greenville, SC to get out tomorrow and then I have 2 more orders to deliver Thursday so today I baked 6 caramel and 1 coconut along with 2 seven up pound cakes.
Folks can't get over the market not being open the Thursday before Easter but since Easter is so early this year thats just the way it happened.
After I finished baking g-daughter and I had lunch then she went back down for another nap and I did some housework quietly .
When she woke up we sat out on the porch and waited for d-in-love to get here. The temperature is 61 this afternoon but the wind still keeps the chill in the air.
G-son had a runny nose and said his throat hurt when they got here. I hope he isn't getting his run of spring time strep throat he usually gets !!
After they went home g-daughter got to try on her new Easter dress.
I think she knows how cute she is by that sweet smile !!!
Hubbie and I watched the news and then did chores for the evening.
I spent the rest of the evening icing the cakes I baked today. My back is hurting tonight after this extra day of baking. Just reminding myself that after one more week these 2 day a week baking days will be an every week thing !!!!
I saw this on the internet this morning and thought how appropriate it was on some of these long afternoons these days.

On Tuesday of  Holy Week Jesus was confronted by the officials for what he did yesterday at the Temple but he confused them with His parables and continued His teachings.

God is so good each day and I thank Him each day for all the blessings he sends my way.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

G-daughter sure looks cute in her Easter dress. That is a lot of baking for one day. No wonder why you were "hurting" by bed time. The little cartoon sure was cute as I know that feeling well. Have a wonderful day and God bless you.