Thursday, March 31, 2016


Wow I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow last night I was so tired. It felt good to get to sleep in at least a little this morning before the dogs wanted out to greet the day. Well that's not exactly what they wanted out to do but we'll call it that !!!
After chores on a misty rainy cloudy morning I had a leisurely breakfast. The forecast was that the rain start this evening but I guess Mother Nature had other ideas !!
I went in my office to catch up the weekly paperwork and pay bills. While I was into the paperwork I realized this is the last day of March so I did monthly paperwork as well. March at market was a slow month but at least it is steadily getting better each month.
Re called and said EL now has the stomach flu bug that BB has been dealing with and she was very sick. Bless her heart that is not an ideal way to spend her birthday !!
This little beauty turns 3 years old today and we will celebrate at a later date when the flu bug has made an exit. HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  EL !!!
After an early lunch I headed into town to run the weekly errands and pick up some groceries.
I met daughter at Tractor Supply where I was picking up chick starter for the first chick hatch of the season which hopefully is coming this week end.
We then went to Sam's Club to upgrade my cell phone. I got an I-phone 6s which is quite an upgrade from my old I-phone 4. I choose the rose gold color !!
Unbeleiveably this took over an hour !!!
After we left there daughter and I went to a check out a high end consignment shop in Fletcher but didn't find any thing we wanted.
Back home she dropped off some things from her closet cleaning of earlier today.
After she left hubbie and I did chores early to try to get between the heaviest rain showers. There is 3/10ths inch of rain in the gauge from the on and off rain that has been the norm all afternoon.
We are pretty fortunate here to only get rain from this storm system as our southerly neighbors are watching March go out like a lion with strong storms,tornadoes and flooding.
In places they are welcoming the rain because the first drought monitor of the year shows that there is some dry places already.
Worked on getting my new phone updated tonight as well as caught up on my blog book reading. I received my 15 th volume of my blog book in the mail today and am so sad to not be able to use this publishing site anymore. These books are so nice.
As we bid March 2016 good bye it has been a pretty good month with some really nice warm weather that brought out the spring colors a bit early. After some snow showers on the 3rd the temperatures have been mostly above average for the month.
Josh took daughter on her first cruise to celebrate the end of her coaching for this season and they had a wonderful time. She has been busy with wedding plans as well as doing some spring cleaning.
Day light savings time began on the 13th and didn't bother me as much as usual thankfully as g-daughter arrives each morning at 7am. I also helped Re out by watching EL and BB on several Mondays after she worked all night. I made time each day for some sewing to try and catch my craft inventory at market up. We celebrated 4 birthdays this month as #1 son turned 33 on the 1st, Re turned 30 on the 25th, daughter got a year older on the 26th to reach 31 and little EL turned 3 on the 31st to cap off a birthday month for the family !! We had a very nice Easter celebration with the kids excitedly searching for goodie filled Easter eggs. We ended the activity of the month on spring break week with shopping trips and a Pickens flea market trip. God has been good to the family this month and we are looking forward to what His plans are for us next month.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and for His protective arms always.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Happy Birthday to little EL! You had a very busy month, wish I could say the same. Mine was very slow. Hoping now that it is warming up that I can get outside and do some yard work. Raining here for the last couple of days, might get snow this weekend. HAve a great weekend and God Bless you.