Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This is one of those days when I wonder if I should even write a post. It's one of those days that I think is very boring but these days are nice to have !!!  Just not fun to write about !!!
As g-daughter arrived at 7am I took this picture of the full moon about to slide below the horizon this morning.

Had a regular morning of chores, breakfast and sewing while g-daughter snoozed after she arrived for  2 more hours of sleep.
I made the large size apron and bonnet to match the smaller one of yesterday.
I gave her a bottle at 10:00 and she bounced and played in her entertainment saucer until lunch time.
While she played I did weekly housework that was put off from yesterday's baking time.
We had lunch then she went back down for her afternoon nap. I took the monitor and went outside to get a nice quiet dose of vitamin D from the bright sunshine and upper 60's temps of the day. The wind is still blowing but I found a place out of the wind and took a short nap in the warmth of the sun.
When g-daughter woke up we sat out on the front porch and watched the  birds until d-in-love came to pick her up.
After she left I delivered 3 cakes to my caterer friend, Don from Greenville,SC.
I did chores and watched the news when I got home.
After watching Survivor on TV I did weekly paperwork and payed bills.
This is "Spy" Wednesday of Holy Week. As Jesus visited the house of Simon the Leper where a woman named Mary annointed His head and feet with expensive oil Judas was conspiring to point out Jesus to the authorities in exchange for a sum of money.

Thanking God for the blessings of this day and so so grateful for the gift of His son to save mankind from our sins.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I have never heard of Wednesday of Holy Week being called Spy Wednesday. It sure does fit though. Blessings