Thursday, March 3, 2016


G-daughter arrived this morning with a snotty nose again. Hopefully it is teething and not her cold coming back. She went back to sleep and slept until 10:30 unlike any other morning this week so I know she isn't feeling good.
While she slept I did chores , had breakfast and did my sewing for today. I made this adult muslin bonnet.
As soon as I gave g-daughter her morning bottle we headed into town to get the weekly errands done before a forecast snow storm comes our way this afternoon.
This is how we rolled today as I made an empty stop at JC Pennys. I got this carrier out yesterday and decided to try it out today. I used it when she was a little baby and it worked today but she is alot heavier now than the last time I used it. Short trips will be okay !!! Look at that long leg hanging down, she doesn't even look like a baby anymore !!
As for my empty trip to JC Pennys. I have always bought certain things at this store,but after today I know exactly why they are struggling to stay open. They advertised a "penny" sale where on certain items if you bought one at regular price you could get another at a penny. I looked online Monday to see if they had the Underscore bras in that sale. They were !!!  At $25 regular price and another for 1 penny. They stated that the sale would last all week.   Well today when I tried to buy a couple of these at the store in town I was told they are not still in that sale ????   The sale last all week but I guess somethings have been taken out of that sale ?????  Not a good way to do business, they just lost another customer !!!!!!   I also had several things in my hand when the salesman told me about the bras. I handed him all those things and told him I wouldn't be buying anything from them.  The jokes on them because I'm sure with the other purchases I was going to make they would have surely made their money back on the bras !!! Grrrrrr !!!
Anyway g-daughter and I made a last stop at Petco for some wormer for the outside dogs and made it home for a late lunch for both of us.
She went back to sleep after lunch and slept until her mom got here at 4:15 to pick her up.
I spent the afternoon quietly working on my blog book. I discovered to my disappointment that Booksmart will no longer be importing blog post for books. They said I could copy and post the pages into a book but I couldn't figure out how to do that so I will have to switch to another book making site after this book that is already downloaded is finished.
About 3:00 I looked outside and the snow had arrived and was pouring down.

As I sat out in the sunroom working on my laptop I watched as the snow flakes started sticking to everything but the ground thankfully. Even Sadie was getting a covering of snow flakes it was falling so fast. She looks like she is wishing for winter to be over !!!
When hubbie came in from work at 5:00 he fed the horse and cattle hay.
Most inanimate objects got a nice white coating by dark tonight but no snow on the roads around here.

The forecast is calling for between .5 and .8 inches of snow for our area by Saturday morning but with the temperature tonight at 35 degrees they must be talking about rain not snow ????

Hubbie and I relaxed for the evening.  After this cold spell ends we are looking at a very nice week of spring weather coming up. Definitely going to feel nice to thaw out again !
Grateful for God's blessing on this day and thanking Him each day for my health and striving to give Him glory in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Can't believe how long g-daughters legs are getting. Boy, she is growing up fast. I didn't even try to go to the JC Penny sale. I have been very disappointed in their merchandise lately and see a dim future for that store. Hope Spring arrives soon as I am tired of snow. Have a great weekend and God Bless