Monday, March 28, 2016


Up early to get ready for this "spring break" week, at least it is that for all the school kids and employees but for me it should be called "catch up" week !!!
There are several things I have been putting off that I need to take care of this week.
Today is a regular Monday since hubbie is off and I need to get laundry and some clean up work done.
Re worked last night so EL and BB are coming to spend the day with us also.
I was outside doing chores when she brought the kids this morning.
They settled in for breakfast and a morning of fun. I got laundry started and then we went outside to enjoy this beautiful clear day.

It is already in the low 60's this morning but there is a breeze that is making it feel a little cool.
The kids begged to go outside so about 11:00 we thought it was warm enough for that.
They enjoyed swinging.....


And just being outside on a beautiful day. This Pear tree is "snowing" blossom petals !!!
EL brought tears to my eyes in this picture as she waved off my help climbing the ladder and said "in 10 minutes I'll be all grown up"  !!!!   She doesn't realize just how true that statement is !!!!!

After over an hour of hard playing we headed inside for lunch of left overs before naptime.
I can't get lunch fixed fast enough for this little "moo moo" !!!
They both took good naps this afternoon while I took Dolly to the groomer and finished weekly laundry. Hubbie cleaned the smoker and went to daughters to pick up the discarded things from her spring garage cleaning project !
 Daughter came over this afternoon to play with the kids a few minutes. They enjoy her sooooo much.
After Re picked the kids up sis-in-law Sandy came over and the three of us went up to Grand Highlands to map out a plan for the wedding reception.
We have a good plan for the placement of things now .
This is the new wedding site since the original chosen site has tennis courts on it now.
Inside the huge building for the reception.
After we left there we stopped by my cousin Sharon's house to see all the things she has to loan out for the wedding and ask her to direct the wedding, which she was very happy to do .
Two things marked off this week's "catch up" list !!
When we got home hubbie was already gone to his weekly Deacon's meeting so I did chores and then had a protein bar supper with a cup of hot green tea.
D-in-love took the grandkids to a scheduled photo session this morning and the pictures turned out really great.

These are some great looking kids , even if they are my grands !!!

Unfortunately after the photo session d-in-love went to the doctor thinking she had a sinus infection and tested positive for the flu, booo!!!!  Not a good way to spend spring break week for sure !!!
To start the week off we also have the "T" winter storm brewing in the west as Toro heads across the country expected to bring cooler temps and rain to our area by weeks end.

I am tired tonight but after a day of being careful not to strain my sciatic nerve my back isn't hurting tonight for the first night in several so for that I am thankful.
God is so good and always ready to bless us in any way He can if we only love Him enough to faithfully ask !
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I love the pictures of your grandkids. The photographer did an outstanding job. Glad your back is feeling a little better. I know how that feels as I have back trouble and intemittent sciatic nerve pain also. Blessings