Friday, March 4, 2016


G-daughter wasn't in a going back to sleep mood this morning so my day started a little earlier than usual.
It was a beautiful morning with not a trace of last night's snowfall left anywhere even in the 32 degree temps. Probably should have been a school start time delay this morning as there was some really slick spots on some roads. Hubbie said he slid sideways in his work truck on one of the bridges over the interstate. I dumped 1/10th inch of water from the rain gauge of the melted snow. The sun rose bright and the clouds were fleeting this morning in this photo from the high school just out the road where daughter works.

After chores and breakfast I sewed my one project for the day while g-daughter moved from room to room with me and watched everything I did.
We had lunch together, she loves her banana cereal so much so that she actually inhales some of it,haha !!!
After she ate she played in her entertainment saucer for almost an hour. This is one of her "I don't need to sleep" days !!
We went on a walk / ride (for her) to see what signs of spring we might find today in the nice sunshine.
In this March we don't have much color around this year at all as the winter temps still hold on. These white Daffodils are now blooming, following their yellow cousins who fought the cold, snow and ice of February.
We saw only a couple Dandelion lonely blooms around .
These poor Hyacinths that I planted a couple years ago look pretty scraggly in all this messy weather.
When we got back inside she played for just a little while longer before getting sleepy. She finally gave up the fight and took a good long 2 hour nap while waiting for mom to come pick her up about 4:45.
Nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby !!!! I rock her to sleep then put her in the little swing which she is quickly outgrowing.  D-in-love and I were talking today and I think maybe next week I might start trying to get her to sleep in the crib in the playroom.

Hubbie came in from work and we hurried through chores so he could get to church for a special Deacon's meeting to discuss getting the search for a new pastor underway.
The meeting lasted 2 hours and while he was gone I made some banana bread thinking I would make some little sandwiches from it filled with cream cheese and pineapple but the bread didn't turn out well enough to slice so we'll eat it !!
I baked 1 pound cake and 1 blackberry wine cake for market tomorrow.  It feels strange not to be icing cakes on a Friday night.
When hubbie got home he helped wash the eggs and get things ready to load in the morning.
Thankful for all my blessings of this day and praying for our church as the search begins for our next leader.
God Bless and Good Night.

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