Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Up and out to begin day 2 of spring break catch up week !! After chores and breakfast daughter came over and we picked up g-son who was bored sitting at home with his sick mom and headed out to Sam's Club for me to get a new phone. When we arrived there was no one at the cell phone desk and when I asked for help they said no one would be there until after 2:00 today, booo !!!

We left there and went to Walmart to pick  up a few things and let g-son spend some money that was burning a hole in his wallet.
We came home, dropped g-son off at his house to pack a suitcase while daughter took Josh some arch supports she had picked up for him this morning and I ate lunch at home. G-son was at my door in less than 20 minutes with his suitcase packed to spend the night with his aunt T .
I fixed him some lunch then we played outside with the air frisby he bought until daughter got back. We all went to the Asheville mall to shop for wedding day and rehearsal dinner dresses for daughter and I.
We shopped at Belks, Dillards, JC Pennys , Sears and some smaller shops along the way. We mixed our shopping time in with some things g-son wanted to do and it worked out perfectly as he was a really good boy all day. Loved the escalators !!!

He wanted to do the trampoline jump and that smile was worth the time it took to do this !!!

 He worked up a good appetite for sure !!!

 It was almost 7:30 when we left the Asheville mall. I headed home and daughter and g-son went to watch Josh play a volleyball game in another part of Asheville.
In the dress shopping I did find a very nice comfortable dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner but no luck with a dress like I want to wear on the wedding day.  Daughter had no luck finding what she wanted to wear to the rehearsal so not a very productive day but a very very fun one to get a chance to enjoy g-son all by himself which he said he really enjoyed.
We left little sister home to take care of her sick mommy  as she turned 29 weeks old today. Thankfully d-in-love is feeling much better tonight.
 Grateful to God tonight for the safe travel of this day and for all the wonderful blessings he sent my way.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

How nice that you got to spend a whole day with g-son and your daughter. Dress shopping for me is very hard as I have a hard time finding something that I like and that looks good on me. Happy to hear that d-in-love is feeling better. Blessings