Saturday, March 19, 2016


Got a surprise this morning waking to the mid 50's instead of the mid 40's as forecast. It is cloudy so the front is probably still on its way.
Hubbie and I made it to market right on time. After we got set up I got out my Easter decorations and spruced things up a little. I forgot to take any pics.
I had a decent sales day for the Saturday before Easter. Both orders got picked up and I visited with a couple regular customers who came in.
I didn't even have time to open my laptop so that was a good thing.
After market I went by Steinmart to the check out the 12 hour sale they were having and look for a dress for the wedding for me. I found a couple things on sale and found a dress I like but the color was not for me.
I made it home at 3:30 and hubbie who was asleep in recliner woke up and helped me unload.
We settled in to watch some basketball and relax on a cloudy afternoon.
Daughter has taken her traveling volleyball team to Shelby to play in a tournament and we are supposed to go visit my cousin when she gets home.
As I did chores she text me and said her team had won the tournament and she was going to be to late to go visiting tonight.
There was a wired sunset tonight as thunder and lighten flashed in the distance and a sliver of red sky topped the mountains.
The temperature at 11:00 is still a mild 53 degrees and it is forecast to get to the mid 30's overnight ? Don't know if a 20 degree drop will happen but there is a real nip in the air tonight !!
 Thanking God for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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