Thursday, March 17, 2016


Don't forget your "green" today !!!  Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!
My day started off as usual with the 7am arrival of g-daughter. She went back to sleep and I did the chores and had breakfast before she woke up from a short 1 hour extra snooze today.
She was in a great mood with no signs of the shot trouble she had yesterday. She played with her toys while I made these 6 apple seat cushions.I still need to close them to finish them.
I was waiting on her to get hungry so I could feed her and then we headed out to town to run the weekly errands. We left about 10:45 and she napped on the way to the bank and P.O. but woke up when we got to Aldi. I think she loves all the compliments she gets riding in the buggy in this store.
We made it home about 12:30 and had lunch. I gave her some meat baby food for the first time today and she loved it as she has all the foods so far we've introduced her to.
After lunch we went outside to soak up some of the low 70's sunshine today. These are my favorite Daffodils .
G-daughter took an extended afternoon nap when we came back inside.  I took a rest break and made a couple phone calls and read my blog books as well as ordered my latest volume 15 blog book.
At 3:45 Re brought EL and BB over so she could go to a class at the hospital.
These two are funny the way they kind of size each other up .  It hasn't been that long since BB was in this entertainment saucer and he still wonders why g-daughter gets to be in it now ????
After d-in-love picked g-daughter up she took g-son to get a haircut.
EL, BB and I played inside until hubbie got home from work then we all went outside in the beautiful afternoon.
Safe in the truck while hubbie and I fed the cattle and horse.
Then it was off to get the first slides of the season in on the big blue slide !!!

Big sister did a wonderful job of catching baby brother at the bottom of the slide !!!

She is all about "I do it myself" these days !!!!
Then it was off to play on other things.....But first we can't pass the tractor up without a little driving practice.
This playhouse got the first use of the season also today.

 We put the smaller play fort together to better suit BB's size.

After they left g-son came to finish out the evening with us while his mom went to music practice at church.
Boy's and their games ...........
We played until the sun went down and the air got a real chill pretty quickly this evening then went inside to eat some late supper.
After d-in-love picked him up hubbie and I watched the UNC / Florida Gulf Coast tournament game which UNC won pretty easily.
Today has been one of those days when I actually feel God in all the blessings He has given me as I am around all these kids and am able to watch them grow up.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

God has richly blessed you with those children. I wish I had lived closer to my son so I could have been a bigger part of my grandson's life. I love your apple seat cushions; they should sell like hotcakes. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings