Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I VOTED !!!! and MARCH 1986 A BUSY ONE !!!

G-daughter took an hour nap after she got here this morning so I took advantage and got all the outside work done and had a nice leisurely breakfast.
She woke up with her usual smiley face so she played in her entertainment saucer for over an hour before she got hungry.
After her bottle she went back to sleep which surprised me but I'll take it !!
While she napped I made my sewing item for the day from some white eyelet lace I found .
And then gathered some other trims for more jean apron bordering later.

When g-daughter woke up we went over to the Edneyville community center to vote in the early voting session they have this week.  She was a really good girl and they gave her a sticker also to her delight, except she wanted to eat it !!! Got to have a nice catch up visit with one of my cousin's wife ,Norma Pryor, who was working there.

Back home we had lunch then went outside for our daily walk in the nice 70 degree sunshine of this day. She went to sleep after the first round again but I kept going for 30 minutes today.
She had a short nap though as I don't think she likes sleeping in the stroller if its not moving. I tried her in the crib for a bit but she didn't like that either, guess it will be back to the swing for awhile.
After her mom picked her up at 4:00 I finished my blog book for July- September of last year and sent it to the publisher. Sadly I got notice from Blurb's Booksmart that they are not making blog books anymore due to the different software for all the different blogs. I think I am going to try a publisher call "Blogtoprint" for the last 3 months of last year. Dang it I was just getting good at using the booksmart site !!
Hubbie and I did chores and had supper then I did weekly paperwork. We watched Survivor on TV then hubbie went to bed and I am headed that way after I finish this post. 
It is still 55 degrees at 10:00 tonight, could spring really be here ?????
Back in March of 1986 we had a very exciting month as we celebrated #2 son's 3rd birthday on the  1st day and daughter's 1st birthday on the 26th and like this year Easter fell in March that year making 3 celebrations in one month.
#2 son celebrated with all his cousin's on the first.

 From front..Holly, Bobby, Melanie, Brother, Aaron, Tesika, Brandy (head cut off) #2 son on left  !
Daughter celebrated with those same bunch of cousins a couple weeks later !!

She pooped out on her grandmother's (my mom),Goldie Pryor's lap.
Then there was Easter , starting with the Easter egg hunt at Jackson Park on the Saturday before Easter.

The kids in their Easter outfits that year ready for church.
After church it was off to the egg hunt at Granny Ila Moore's (hubbie's grandmother), house. This was always a great time had by all ages !!
#1 son looking for eggs in the creek that runs by granny's farm??????
Oh what precious memories of days gone bye !!!!
So grateful to the Lord to have blessed me with all these memories and who is still blessing me so much each and everyday.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Love all the pictures today. They bring back a lot of good memories of my childhood. Thanks for sharing them. Blessings