Monday, March 14, 2016


7am came extra early today and the darkness outside made it even harder to get started as g-daughter arrived with the same look on her face as if asking us why we had her up in the middle of the night ?
Hubbie layed on the couch with her after she got settled back down in her swing and went straight back off to slumber land for a couple hours. I went back to bed.
I didn't get much extra snoozing time as I had to get the chores done and get g-daughter up and fed as well as have my breakfast before we began a busy morning.
Annie my red merle Aussie needed a rabies vacination today and she had a 10:00 appointment at the vet. Now this is usually an easy thing but with Annie it is entirely a different story. Annie is a very large dog, probably 60 lbs, she does not like leads, does not like being picked up, does not like being in a crate, does not like riding ,nothing about this morning was going to appeal to her , period !!!
I have a harness bought especially for her after an experience at the vet's office several years ago when she slipped out of her collar and we chased her for over an hour before finally catching her with the help of the vet's staff and another dog.
When I called last week to make her appointment the girl on the phone remembered this and said she would put it in big capital letters that her shot was to be brought out to the car.
But first we had to get her in the car this morning. She was co-operative while I slipped the harness on her but then the "fun" began. When hubbie tried to pick her up she bit his hand, not badly but it did bleed a little from two teeth marks. He put her down and she began to roll trying to break his grip on her,thank goodness for the harness !!
I finally held her head while he carried her to the waiting crate in the back of the Honda. For some reason she has never tried to bite me or show any aggression no matter what I do to her thankfully.
She rode fine all the way to the vet and when we got there I sat with her and petted her while we waited for the vet who gave the shot without her even flinching and then she rode home fine without even any barfing .
She was very glad to be home.
G-daughter who went along also was entertained by all this from her car seat in the backseat.
After hubbie and I changed out dog hair covered clothes we headed into Tractor Supply to pick up chicken feed and to stop by my opticians to have my glasses re-aligned and tightened from g-son bouncing a ball off them yesterday then we stopped at Walmart for groceries and supplies.
G-daughter liked the toy isles where we were picking up more bats and balls and more bubble blowing supplies. She is a little Princess in my book any day !!!
We got home just in time for lunch and then g-daughter and hubbie took a short nap together in the recliner while I got laundry started.
D-in-love had a doctor's appointment this after noon so she picked g-daughter up at 3:00 to go with her.
Between laundry loads I went out to my sewing shop and cut out baby pillows and a couple aprons and bonnets to sew up this week. I also found some more of the apple decorated seat cushions that need to be stuffed and sold.
#2 son and Tif came by for a visit this afternoon. They both had today off for a change. They are fencing part of their yard in for their little dog that they got at Christmas.
After they left hubbie finished pruning the "black knot" diseased limbs out of the Plum trees. We had intended to do this earlier this year before they bloomed but now is better than never !!
I went over to school at 5:00 and picked up g-son from his play practice he has on Mondays while his mom was still in Asheville.
It was raining so he was disappointed we couldn't get outside to try out the new bats and balls but he has made a "play date" with his aunt T for tomorrow afternoon when he will be spending an extended amount of time here while g-daughter goes for her 6-month check-up.
He ate pizza  and mozzerella sticks and caramel cake before his mom got here to pick him up.
Hubbie and I did chores in the rain for the second evening in a row as the worst storms skirted off to the south of our area.
Hubbie went to a Deacon's meeting tonight for 1& 1/2 hours to continue work on the process of finding a new pastor.
I spent the evening finishing my laundry and catching up my blog book reading.
To continue the decade pics for the month in March 1996 #2 son who's birthday was the first turned 13 and was too old for parties now but daughter who turned 11 still had a couple friends and a couple cousins over for her birthday.

When I looked at these photos it brought back memories of  these years with these girls.
Thankful for the graciousness of the Lord and praying for many more decade memories for the future as well as thankful for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

That really sounds like a hassle trying to get Annie to see the vet. Too bad your vet doesn't make house calls. At least that shot is out of the way for a while. Cute pictures. Blessings