Monday, March 7, 2016


Ohhh !!!  I got up late this morning and wondered how ??  After going to bed an hour earlier last night to start getting ready for next weekends "spring forward" time change and getting right to sleep I would have thought I would have been rested enough to get up at the regular 7am time.  Thankfully hubbie was here and he did get up on time to meet g-daughter as she arrived. The dogs barking at Re as she brought EL and BB over for the morning after she worked all night finally woke me up a little before 8am.
Oh well it all worked out after we got all three set up in high chairs to have breakfast I got my clothes on and did the outside chores.
All three were very good all morning and played well together.
These girls are going to be great friends I can already tell.

And BB is just a little wild man at this stage in his growing up.
G-daughter was really happy to have company to watch this morning and only got an hour nap in.
The two littles are already jealous of Pawpaw's lap time !!!
I did three loads of laundry this morning between chasing after these three which made for a very active morning !!
After we fed all three a good lunch and settled down Re came after EL and BB to go home for their afternoon naps as I have my yearly dermatology skin check at 2:00 today.
Hubbie was rocking g-daughter to sleep as I left for the doctor's.
My skin check went as usual with him finding what he thinks is a small basil cell cancer in one of my nostril openings.  He had to numb my nose which was not a good feeling and still had a hard time cutting the core out. Then he said it bled much more than he expected so he had to cauterize the hole he made and do something else also to get the blood stopped. I now look like I have a huge black "bugger" sticking out of my nose !!!  Guess I'll be staying home for a few days !!!
While driving home I noticed all the campaign signs covering the roadsides and thought what a joke this campaign season has been so far. I saw this pic on the web and thought this is my sentiments exactly this election year !!!!
When I got home with almost a headache from the novocaine and throbbing pain in my nose as the feeling comes back I made myself a hot cup of green tea and sat out on the porch in a rocking chair.
Hubbie and g-daughter who slept only about 30 minutes after I left joined me on this low 60's sunny afternoon.
The weather this week is really going to spoil us and dare we think that spring is here !!!
Depending on what the jet stream decides to do next week we are going to enjoy this warmth while it lasts.
Daughter came by for a nice visit and brought me a couple gifts from the cruise she and Josh went on last week. They cruised from Charleston, SC to Nassau in the Bahamas, leaving last Sunday and returning Friday.

I love my coffee cup she brought me and the huge conch shell .
She had conch salad on one of the islands they visited and these holes in the back of the shell are made to get the meat out of the shell.
Unfortunately Josh came back just in time to attend the funeral of his grandfather yesterday. He had had a stroke last week and died last Wednesday while they were on the cruise.
It is good to have them home safely, just ask g-daughter who loves her aunt T as she sat in her lap this afternoon all smiles.
After everyone left this evening hubbie and I did chores , had supper and relaxed for the evening.
Grateful to God for a very blessed day and striving to glorify Him in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

I give you a lot of credit for surviving 3 little kids and the visit to the doctor. The little ones look so cute and seem to play very well together; I just don't have the energy at my age to survive their activity. Love the picture of your daughter and grand-daughter together. Blessings