Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hubbie took today off work so he and #2 son who is also off work  today can go to Asheville to get measured for their wedding Tux.
He stayed on the couch while g-daughter went back to sleep for her 1 hour morning nap while I got to go back to bed for my extra hour of sleep !!
After chores and breakfast I fed her a bottle then got ready for our errand day. I have extra stops today plus 2 cake deliveries.
#2 son came to pick up hubbie at the same time I was ready to go so they helped get everything in the Honda.
First stop was the bank and g-daughter was fast asleep before we got there. This is where I was meeting both customers to pick up their cakes so as I waited I watched g-daughter snooze and watched the Maple helicopters on this "in town" Maple tree flutter in the wind, wondering where they could land that wouldn't be concrete covered ???

After the cakes were picked up g-daughter and I shopped at Sav Mor, Aldi, Walmart and The Dollar tree before heading home for a late lunch. Hubbie was already back from Asheville and said they were the only customers in the store so it didn't take long to get fitted.
G-daughter was hungry so she ate a good lunch then her and hubbie napped for the afternoon !!
While they napped I made this little jean apron for my sewing project for the day. I really like this one much better than the last one I made !!
Then I stuffed these plastic eggs with the goodies I found today at the Dollar Tree.
Sunday we are planning an Easter egg hunt for the kids in our yard.
D-in-love picked up g-daughter about 4:30 so hubbie and I watched the early news before doing chores
As I walked around after the chores I noticed how much more color there is in the yard this week than last week. The Pear trees are in bloom now.
Also this flowering Peach tree was just starting to show color last week and now it is in full bloom.
The same story for the Redbud trees around the yard.
My potted Almond bush is blooming.
The sun is losing the battle with the clouds today and with the breezy wind it is cool outside in the low 60's temps. They are predicting rain for our area over night tonight and early tomorrow. I hope we get rain to settle the dust and also wash away some of the pollen that is turning everything green!

Hubbie and I have spent a relaxing evening watching some basketball tournament games, both NC teams have very late sweet sixteen games tonight so I guess we will wait until tomorrow to see how they do.
As this Maundy Thursday comes to an end I am humbly grateful for the sacrifice of our Great Lord to send His son to the cross so that we might be forgiven of our sins. With a servants heart our Savior washed the feet of His disciples before He served them the bread and wine and then was betrayed by the one He already knew was going to betray Him. Could you do that ???  Could I do that ????
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You really are starting to see some signs of Spring. We had a snow storm yesterday and the poor Robins tried to keep warm by huddling on the streets which were rapidly freezing over. I felt so bad for those birds. Went to church services yesterday and will attend Good Friday service today also. Have a very Blessed Easter weekend.