Friday, April 1, 2016


This is a good day for me to stay home so as not to have to worry about getting any jokes played on me !!
As I finished chores in the still cloudy but already mid 50's morning I emptied another 4/10ths inch of rain from the gauge bring a total for this storm system to 7/10ths inches. Not a lot of rain but we're thankful for what we got.
After breakfast I baked 2 pound cakes, an earthquake cake and made some banana bread in a can for slicing into sandwiches.
I ate lunch on time today which is rare on a baking Friday.
There is so many things that need to be done today I don't know where to start !!
I went downstairs to start the small refrigerator defrosting as it is filled with ice. I worked down there for a while sorting through the things daughter brought over from her spring cleaning she has been doing this week. I hauled some things to the new storage building and found places for all the things I wanted to keep and have a Goodwill box ready for hubbie to deliver tomorrow.
I came back upstairs to clean  the bathrooms and all the glass.
Then back down to my sewing shop to cut out things for next week's sewing projects when I get back to my regular schedule. I cut out 3 pillows, 3 aprons and 3 bonnets to keep me busy next week.
I decided to take a short walk to see how far I could get before my back started screaming. I must have lifted or turned wrong again yesterday as I have a lot of pain again today in my sciatica region.
The first large Azalea has popped into bloom with the rain.
The Hostas are popping up in all the beds in the shady spots.
The pretty green of the growing lawn grass indicates the first mowing isn't far away !!
My walk didn't last very long as my back started hurting and I came inside to rest on the heating pad with a cup of hot green tea.
G-son came to stay while his mom went to music practice.  I was thankful he didn't asked me to go outside and play !!
The clouds are getting really dark and thick again this evening and more rain is predicted overnight and for early morning ahead of a cold front that is bringing April in to the northern states with a snow strom.
This was on our local weather site and shows what an average April looks like around our area.
But it also shows we can have some very extreme temps and even almost a foot of snow.
As I did the evening chores and peeked in on one of the setting Silkie hens I saw this little guy who is the first hatch of the year.

As many of these little chicks as I have seen over the years I still catch my breath at the site of these soft precious little chicks and their big soulful eyes.
I wrapped and got everything ready for market tonight and then determined to begin to get back on my earlier bedtime schedule before Monday morning rolls around I am off to bath and bed early.
Grateful for all the blessings of the day and for His ever lasting grace in all that I do.
God Bless and Good Night

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