Saturday, April 16, 2016


A 3am ringing phone is never good around our house !!!!  When I heard d-in-love's voice on the other end I immediately assumed #1 son was headed to the hospital as he   was still hurting badly last night when he came after the kids in his upper abdomen and chest.
But she informed me quickly that nothing was wrong with anyone, she just ask if all our dogs were in their lots because there was a stray Pit Bull  outside their dog fence and son was attempting to run it off and it was headed our way. Thankfully all our dogs were put up but they started barking just as I hung the phone up. Hubbie got up and checked the yard twice but didn't see any other dog. (he must have been hiding in the shadows)
It took me a couple hours to go back to sleep waiting for the barking to quiet down.
As we got ready for market this morning there was the Pit Bull running around the yard with the dogs who had just been turned out of their pens for the day.
He was an unaltered male but didn't act aggressive but was not friendly either. He went through the gate at the barn and headed out my brother's driveway, hopefully headed home. He had a piece of chain hanging from his collar so he must have broken free from being tied up.
Hubbie and I went on to market. After we got set up and he visited some he left to go by an estate sale and then to Sam's Club.
A couple hours after he left he phoned to say the Pit Bull was back when he got home but funny thing it was inside Annie's dog lot so he shut the gate and it was penned in.
I called some of the neighbors up the road that have Pits for pets and asked if this one belonged to them. She said no, so hubbie called animal control to have him picked up and checked for a chip.
Hubbie had tried to feed the dog to get close enough to see if the collar had a name but it growled at him.
The animal control deputy came after him and hubbie said he went with him very peacefully so hopefully he has a chip and can be returned to his owner. The deputy said he was a very nice dog and looked purebred.
My day wasn't near as exciting as hubbie's here at market but I did have a pretty good sales day. The temperature warmed up from the morning low of 37 nicely to about 67 and customers warmed as well.
After market I shopped at Ingles and Aldi then made a trip to sis-in-law Sandy's to pick up a stroller she had for me and go through some left over baby clothes from her sale that didn't sell.
Got to see my nephew, Aaron and my youngest great nephew, Noah who just turned 2 years old while I was there as they stopped by.
I left there and decided to check out the sale at the Bon Worth ladies clothing outlet on the way home. I didn't find much just a couple tops with 3/4 length sleeves to wear to cover up all the lypomas that have formed on my upper arms and show up badly since I lost weight.
I also spotted a really pretty shrug that might work for my mother of the bride dress if I can't find what I exactly want. I will probably go back and buy it to hold on to just in case while it is on sale.
I made it home about 4:30. Hubbie helped me unload and get everything put a way then we rested for a few minutes before chore time.
After chores I fixed a fence to protect some of the Hostas and Lilies I planted  last year from the hens who are biting the leaves off them as soon as they come up.
I came inside with a back ache from all the bending and stretching while I got this done.
I am headed for an early bed time tonight to hopefully catch up on last night's lost sleep.
The temperature is supposed to get back down to the mid 30's tonight but at least it's not snowing on us like the "V" winter storm,Vexo, who was named today is doing to the folks in the mid west. But boy are we dry and need rain badly.
This little cutie loves bath time !!!

Thankful for all the blessings sent my way today and for the love of my Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night

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