Thursday, April 28, 2016


Another Thursday market day with g-daughter here at 7am and wanting more sleep. While she slept this morning I got the chores done and started getting things ready to go.
She was happy when she woke up so all was well.
Market was very slow today so there was plenty time to have snacks and play.
She can really enjoy the frozen peaches in her fruit holder now with the two teeth she has.
Sales were slow but I am thankful for what I did sell and that g-daughter is such a great companion at market.
We ran regular errands when we left market. She of course went right to sleep in the car so I decided to wash the pollen off my Honda so she could catch a few more zzz's.  She woke up at Aldi and stayed awake through the Ingles shopping also.
She played in her walker outside the downstairs door while I unloaded.
7 months going on 16 years as she loves to drive !!!!!

After d-in-love picked her up I rested with the 4-legged kids and watched the news letting my aching knees take a break.
I have no idea why my knees feel like they are swelled and are hurting like this today ???
Hubbie said the other day that he thinks pain is just a part of getting old. It seems as soon as one thing gets better something else flairs up. We laughed at the thought of having to turn our air conditioning on so we could use our heating pads at night !!!
It has been so nice sleeping with the windows open and listening to nature's lullaby over the last days that I hate to think about turning the air on. But with these 80+ degree days and 60+ degree nights it seems that summer is not far away. It looks like in the 7-day forecast that we are going to get more near normal next week and hopefully get some much needed rain.
This is the drought monitor so far for the area.
We had hopes this evening as a few large drops of rain fell but it was just a tease and the moon and stars are all shining brightly in a clear sky tonight.
Hubbie watered the new tomato plants he set out but I am holding off until tomorrow to do my watering chores holding out hope for some rain fall.
God is a wonderful loving , gracious and caring Heavenly Father and I thank Him each day for the undeserved blessings He sends my way.
God Bless and Good Night

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