Sunday, April 10, 2016


At 7:30 our temp was 29 !! Don't know what is was before or how long it has been below freezing but praying on this Sunday morning that many of our friends have spent a worthwhile night fighting off the freezing temps from their crops in various ways including huge bonfires in the blackberry fields of one close friend.
These apple blossoms still look good on the farm just up the road from us.
I did chores and got to church a little early to begin this busy event filled day which started with the baby dedication of 11 little ones at church this morning.
The church was filled to capacity for this celebration today.
To begin the ceremony the older kids including g-son in red long sleeves sang a song.
Then the babies were brought forward with their families. 
Baby BB and G-daughter were in the group today.  Pastor always annoints the babies with oil and then presents each one with a small Bible. G-daughter looked unimpressed with either !!

BB wasn't too impressed either but EL thought it was a bit funny !!

Our cousin Bob's youngest daughter was also in the group today.
Sweet Mattie and g-daughter have alot in common, haha !!!
To cap off a wonderful church service a young girl came forward to dedicate her life to Christ .
After church it was on to an exciting afternoon as we are celebrating EL's 3rd birthday with a late party.
Re did a great job on her cake and she wanted a "fairy" party so the decor was really cute as well as the wings that all the guest wore and the "fairy" outfit she had on!!!

The birthday girl had lunch with her friends at the fairy table !!!
All the family enjoyed Smoked BBQ ,baked beans, broccoli salad, slaw and biscuits for lunch that Re fixed.
Blowing the candles out without any help this year !!!
And she didn't need any help tearing into those wrapped presents this year as friend Sawyer watched .

The surprise mom and dad had for her was the favorite!!!!!

Then all the kids made flower pots !!!
Then it was all outside to play in the nicest day we've had in a while with the wind died down and low 60's temps with plenty of sunshine !!
These two can never deny each other, even the same expressions !!!!
Hubbie and I came home for a relaxing evening.
Later this evening the clouds rolled in creating a pretty sunset to end this blessing filled day.
God can raise our awareness in different ways sometimes and as I watched all these babies in front of our church today and thought how sweet it is going to be to watch all these little ones grow into fine young people I thought about the process that our church is getting ready to go through to replace our pastor and became more aware of how important daily prayer about this change is now and as we move forward. How important it is to put into perspective the lives of each of our church members and the future lives of all these little ones just getting into their walk with God. Wow !! What an important job this is going to be !!
God Can and God Will !!!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

What a fantastic day you had. The dedication of all the little ones followed by EL's birthday party; what a blessing. Hoping all the fruit trees made it throughout the cold temps.Blessings