Wednesday, April 27, 2016


G-daughter went back to sleep for over and hour this morning which always is a great way to start the day for her and me !!
I did chores and had breakfast before she aroused and had her breakfast all smiley faced !
After she ate we went downstairs and she played while I sewed up these two jean aprons with some of the trim I gathered last week. Love the strawberry trim !
After that I baked 4 pound cakes and a loaf of banana bread for little sandwiches.
She took a before lunch nap and I did some house cleaning while she slept.
 After lunch we went outside to enjoy the beautiful day. She loves to be outside watching the bees zoom around and trying to pet the dogs. Annie is her favorite because she is easy to reach.

Flash took up guard duty !!!
She is such a happy baby !!

The clouds rolled in and I heard thunder in the distance so we came inside hoping for some much needed rain.
Guess it wasn't our turn for rain today as the storms all passed to the north of our area.
G-daughter took her afternoon nap while I did more housework. Seems this is never ending around here !!
D-in-love came early to pick her up and drop off g-son and Haley while she went to the visitation of a friends grandfather.
These two have so much fun together. They are so much alike and love to play the same games.
They climbed this Magnolia tree and ate freeze pops and chatted for a long time .

After Haley's mom picked her up g-son and Pawpaw played a game of H O R S E .
I walked around the yard enjoying the new bloomers. I am amazed that these flowers are blooming without any rain. These purple Iris are always the first to bloom.
The old fashioned Snowball bush "snowballs" have finally turned white !
Purple Clematis.
Pretty Columbine that has escaped the pots in the front of the porch.
Money Plant is so pretty in full bloom.
Even some of my returning Lavender is starting to bloom, sweet aroma !!!
My time spent putting these little fences around these lilies and hostas to keep the hens from pecking them through the fence or the rooster from trampling them from the outside has payed off as these are looking good now.
D-in-love picked g-son up and hubbie and I did chores and watched the news on TV. I could hardly hold my eyes open for some reason. I think it is the heat of these summer like days. Today the temperature got to the low 80's before cooling to 64 at 10:00 tonight.
After a snack supper I did more paperwork then wrapped and got all the cakes ready for market.
EL went to the dentist this morning and did great as well as didn't have any cavities !!

Thanking God for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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