Thursday, April 7, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am and drifted back to sleep. Hopefully after a couple doses of Amoxicillin she will be feeling better today.
As quiet as I tried to be getting the chores done and getting ready for market she with her ESP knew today was going to be something different so she woke up at 8am to make sure she didn't miss any of it !!
I moved her from the swing to the entertainment saucer where she happily bounced and played and watched me get all the extra things ready and into the Honda.
We were ready and off to market even a few minutes earlier than regular time. We took a detour to town since the gas pipeline crew is putting the line under 64 hwy with one lane closed at all times for this week and part of next creating a constant traffic jam on this major highway.
G-daughter was a very very good girl at market . She was so excited about being somewhere new and about all the attention she was getting.
She played in this entertainment saucer and in her high chair happily the entire morning.

I had a very good sales day for the first Thursday of the year. Maybe it was all the noise g-daughter was making gathering every customers attention as they passed.
She ate a good lunch then it was back to playing. Some of the other market neighbor ladies walked around with her and she loved that.  She is with Kathy here.

She finally got so tired she couldn't fight sleep any longer and took a good nap behind the table.

We left market and she fell asleep quickly in the car. We stopped by the bank and the PO and then headed to Aldi for baking supplies and groceries.
She woke up about 1/2 way through Aldi so she could gather more attention from other shoppers.
We went by sis-in-law's sale to pick up some things we bought yesterday and to wait for d-in-love to meet us there on her way taking g-son to the dentist.
After she left with the kids I had one more stop to make at Walmart and then home. With the traffic jam created by the closed gas line lane it took me 30 more minutes to get home than normal so I didn't make it home until 5:30.
Hubbie helped me unload and get things put away. I put a turkey breast in the pressure pot as I need some protein after my greek salad lunch that hubbie stopped by market with and my dried pea snack on the way home.
While it cooked I did the chores in a cool evening breeze. After an overnight rain left 6/10ths inch of rain in the gauge today has been sunny and mid 60's but with a strong breeze it has felt really cool.
This jet stream jet is causing what weather gurus are calling a Polar Vortex to invaid our usually warm April days.
Th apple growers are getting very nervous with some predicted lows for the weekend.
I am tired tonight and headed for an early bedtime once again. In this cool evening a good hot soak in the tub is going to feel wonderful !!
God is so good all the time and I am ever grateful for the blessings of each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Glad g-daughter had such a good time at Market. The Polar Vortex is playing havoc with our weather. We have had very cold temps, snow and high winds. Today will be much the same. Hoping Spring arrives soon. Have a great weekend . Blessings