Friday, April 22, 2016


G-daughter didn't have any problem going back to sleep this dreary morning.
After chores I had breakfast then when she woke up I fed her some fruit and cereal. We are going over to the elementary school this morning to attend the awards ceremony that g-son is in.

It started at 10:00 but we tried to get there early enough to get a parking spot but no such luck so we made one up near the road so we could make a quick get away !!!
Everyone made a big fuss over g-daughter even g-son's teacher, Mrs. Thomas got a big smile from her.

G-son was proud to receive two awards today , one for A-B honor roll and one for perfect attendance.

We are so proud of his effort in school !!
G-daughter and I made our way home and she had her morning bottle and took a short power nap before I had lunch.
She watched cartoons awhile and then had her lunch . Nothing more soul soothing than rocking a sleeping baby and watching the rain fall softly out the window.
While she napped I baked 5 pound cakes and some lemon bars for market tomorrow.
 The rain has been very light all afternoon, not what I was hoping for but we still have a chance for a good rain overnight.
When d-in-love came in from work she brought a friend who is spending the night with g-son. They enjoyed playing all around the yard.
At chore time this evening there was 2/10ths inch of rain in the gauge. Not much help for the raging wild fires. One in Madison county here in WNC is noW burning over 2000 acres near Hot springs.
And one in Virginia that is burning over 8000 acres in the Shenandoah Valley region.

Maybe tonight we will add to the total but the forecast isn't promising much.
Tonight I wrapped my cakes and got things ready for market. I am ready once again for an early bedtime as the dreariness of the day has me feeling like I could sleep for days again.
Grateful for the love of Jesus Christ everyday and the blessings He sends me.
God Bless and Good Night.

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