Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Brrrr, 31 degrees as g-daughter arrived at 7am today.  After she went back to sleep I did chores , had breakfast and devotions before starting today's sewing project.
I got these 2 white baby bonnets finished before it was time to get g-daughter her morning bottle.
I baked cakes while she watched from her high chair . I baked 3 caramel, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake for the first Thursday of the season which is usually very very slow.
G-daughter was not her happy self today and has a nasty cough plus she has pulled at her ear for the last several days. After she threw up her lunch I talked to d-in-love and she made a doctor appointment at 2:45 today.
She took a short nap after lunch and I did some house cleaning while she slept. I have come up with a new cleaning schedule as it seems there is just not enough time in a single day to get alot done. I am trying a couple rooms each day to see if that works better. At least if I miss a cleaning day it will only be a couple rooms that don't get cleaned that week !!!
Today was the living room and sun room cleaning but with a sick g-daughter who needed some extra cuddles I only got the living room cleaned .
While d-in-love took g-daughter to the doctor I picked up g-son from school. He has perfect attendance so far this semester and didn't want to come home early and mess it up.
We made a stop at Dollar General on the way home to get mac and cheese for his after  school snack.
G-daughter has an ear infection in both ears and a touch of bronchitis, bless her heart.
After everyone got home we all went out to a used kids clothing sale to look around while Re put some things in the sale. The kids all found things they thought they couldn't live without !!!
G-daughter was the cutest when her mom sat her in front of this little toy. Even feeling bad she loved the mirror and all the lights.
 G-son found a Buzz Lightyear back pack and zoomed off into the "wild blue yonder" !!!

EL found several things she said were really awesome !!!

And BB just liked to ride without having to petal !!!

We came home to do chores a little late and then I iced the caramel cakes and got things ready for market. Hubbie helped me load the Honda tonight so that will be one less thing to do in the morning with g-daughter as she makes her first market trip.
I did weekly paperwork and payed bills before getting in bed about 11:30, not too bad for the first Thursday Market day eve !!
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying that g-daughter gets better quickly.
God Bless and Good Night

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