Monday, April 4, 2016


Our 3 kid day started early this morning as g-daughter arrived at 7am and EL and BB arrived at 7:30.
 G-daughter was happy to have all this company on her first day back to g-ma's house after mom's spring break week.

After taking turns doing outside chores and having our breakfast as well as getting these three fed it was playtime and laundry time. I had a good little laundry helper today !!
She is also a very good entertainer of g-daughter.

Later morning it warmed up enough to go outside for a while after the 34 degree early morning.
EL said she could fly !!!
And BB stayed busy as all boys find sticks and leaves and all kinds of play things.
Even a relaxing time with Pawpaw in the hammock before coming in for lunch.
After lunch all three kids went down for naps at the same time , however g-daughter only slept about 10 minutes . She got to go up to the garden and watch hubbie plant potatoes and onions.

Before he could finish the job he had to put up the fencing so the roosters that are running loose couldn't eat the fertilizer and scratch up the onions.
When EL and BB woke from their 2-hour naps it was "bubble time".

Hubbie finished the fence and got the rows covered and fertilized for out first gardening of the year.
Re came after the kids and while we were playing outside we discovered the fourth and final baby calf from the 4 black cows had been born earlier today. She is a little beauty under these pretty Redbud blooms as mom keeps a watchful eye over her.
After everyone went home hubbie and I did chores and then he went to church for a Deacon's meeting to discuss a interim pastor.
I took a nice unwinding walk down along the creek in the lower pasture. Cayenne was a pretty picture framed by more blooming Redbuds.

And I watched the sun slowly sink below the horizon before coming inside on this chilly evening.
This has been a wonderful blessing filled day and I am very grateful for the blessing of my health to be able to do all the things I do each day.
Staying up tonight to watch the final game of college basketball between UNC and Villanova which Villanova won on a last second shot.  Booo Too bad for UNC . See ya next year !!
Thankful for all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Your day was definitely filled up with lots of love and fun. The pictures you took are gorgeous, especially since it snowed here yesterday and today it is 20 degrees outside. My old bones are tired of being cold. Thankfully today the sun will be out most of the day. Blessings