Saturday, April 23, 2016


Off to market a few minutes early this morning,wondering what I forgot to do today ,haha !!!
Market was slow again today but I am thankful for all that I did sell.
Daughter and Josh brought her baked goods by just after we got set up. They had already had their morning run and checked out a new place for breakfast called HenDough . They gave it a thumbs up for their chicken biscuits and doughnuts of all flavors.
After they and hubbie left I spent the day visiting with some friends and trying to keep from being too bored.
After market I made a stop at Aldi to pick up a few things for next week and made the first stop of the season at the "Farm Outlet" to pick up some fresh strawberries, cucumbers,tomatoes and spring onions they had.
The strawberries were really good for early season berries. Sounds like a strawberry shortcake dessert day tomorrow !!
Hubbie was mowing grass when I got home and stopped to help me unload. I must have turned wrong lifting one of the cake racks back into the Honda at market because my lower back was screaming by the time I got in the house. I grabbed some strawberries and set up my back vibrator out in the sunroom to see if that would ease the pain.  After about an hour of the intense massage and heat I felt better.
I did chores and checked on the newly hatched Silkie chicks. Looks like she has nine and a few eggs left so I'll wait a few days to make a final count of these tiny little fuzzees !!!
An up date on these 3-week old Araucana green egg layer chicks as they grow and feather out under mom's watchful eye.
My back yard smells so wonderful after the rain fall, as we added another 2/10ths to the gauge overnight, the rain must have shuffled these Lilac blooms enough to make then really send out that wonderful fragrance today.
There isn't as many blooms as there have been in some years past but these smell so strong !
Daughter sent this picture of her and Josh as they hiked up to Bridal Veil falls this afternoon on this really nice day. The temperature reached 70 degrees but the wind kept the sun from warming it up too much.
D-in-love brought g-daughter by for a while this afternoon so she could do some undisturbed work on the computer.  She got tired and fussy before they left but a bath made her a happy girl as soon as she got home !!!
Hubbie and I spent a relaxing evening on this Saturday night to end another busy week.
I need to continue with my decade pictures so back in April 1986 we were having a very exciting month with a Myrtle Beach trip with hubbie's brother Marty's family with their two kids, Holly and Aaron.

Fun times and great memories !!
Thanking God for the blessings of all these memories through the years and praying that it be in His plans for many more.
God Bless and Good Night

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