Sunday, April 24, 2016


Up this morning to meet a busy Sunday !!  First after chores I put a spaghetti squash in the oven to cook while I got ready for church.
I took a bouquet of snowball flowers to put on the communion table this morning for a fresh bouquet.
We were Baptizing 6 folks this morning, praise the Lord.  However hubbie and I and Aa and Re won't be watching. We have nursery duty today !!  It took all four of us today to tend to 8 little ones.
G-daughter came in while her mom played music as #1 son took g-son to Camp Daniel Boone for the annual cub scout camp out.
Another mom decided this would be her babies first day in the nursery. This is Nolan, he is a couple weeks younger than g-daughter. They apparently like each other !!!

Church went 30 minutes long today but the babies were all well behaved.
Everyone hurried home hungry for a lunch of spaghetti and salad. #1 son came in from the camp out but had a headache and went home to sleep it off. G-son stayed up here and had a rousing game of dodge-ball with aunt T and Josh.

We visited while we waited for 3:30 to get here to go up to church for the drop-in wedding shower that the ladies of the church are giving daughter and Josh.
These ladies did a lovely job and there was so much food it was amazing !!!

The gifts were opened and they really got some nice things !!!

Everyone wished them well and it was a wonderful afternoon.Our senior pastor who is preaching his last sermon at our church next Sunday came by to give his well wishes.
Even though it was a drop in many folks came to stay and visit.
 Daughter with her ribbon bouquet !!!
 The happy couple !!!
Even g-daughter had a great time at the shower with all the added attention.

This is some of the members of daughter's Sunday school class that came to the shower and made cards for her !!
D-in-love and I made it home from the shower about 5:30. She dropped me off and picked up g-son who had stayed here with hubbie to take him back to church for his choir practice.
After they left church she picked up #1 son and they all came back for supper tonight of left over spaghetti.
Today is d-in-love's 34th birthday !!!   HAPPY  BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!!
After they left hubbie and I relaxed for the evening.
This has been a very blessed Lord's day and I am humbly grateful for the blessings this day and everyday contain. I also pray for the 6 precious new believers that joined God's arm this morning.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

What a beautiful blessed day you had. God is Good. Blessings